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Paul Winstanley
Disappointed that I need to upgrade my account for this integration to work. I have several businesses on Xero and think I spend enough. There is no reason to charge an extra fee for this integration when I have other integrations working for free.
Scotty Jenkin
Disappointing that you can only integrate to Mailchimp if you are on the Xero Premium plan subscription. Unsure why this would need to be the case??? It only states this once you go to connect Mailchimp and Xero together and have to upgrade Xero to allow the connection.
Tina Kirwan
Terrible integration, bought across 27 out of sseveral hundred clients. Quicker to do it manually but then you have the problem of a non-syncing database!
Troy Tatam
Unless this integration has improved since 3 months ago when we tested it, it is in my opinion not good enough to implement. I would love to see a strong API between these two products as it is a really big gap for accounting firms having to maintain/administer/update one database of clients between two products that dont communicate to each other.
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