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Melio Payments

By Melio Payments
1.78 out of 5 stars
Melio payments is an easier way to pay and get paid. Pay business bills on your own terms, get paid the way that suits you best, and seamlessly sync with Xero. It’s time to streamline your payments process and say goodbye to wasted time and double data entry.
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October 2022
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Financial services


KEY BENEFITS More ways to make payments: Pay how you want, including by credit card (2.9% fee), pay multiple bills together, split a bill into several payments, and transfer money internationally.

Get paid how you want: Decide how you’d like to get paid while allowing your customers to pay how they please. Track and manage all of your invoices from any device, with full visibility, and easy payment tracking.

Seamless sync with Xero: Save time on data entry. Vendors, bills, and payments are automatically synced between your bill pay and accounting.

HOW IT WORKS WITH XERO Easily connect to Melio with your Xero account and all contacts, invoices, and payments will be automatically synced between both platforms.

Add bill or invoice details: Upload a file, enter details or connect to Xero to import your invoices.

Select payment method: Pay via bank transfer or card, even where cards aren’t accepted.*

Choose payment delivery: We’ll send a check or bank transfer. Your payee doesn’t need a Melio account.

*Subject to card network limitations

GET PAID WITHIN A FEW CLICKS Upload or add invoices manually: Upload an invoice, enter invoice details, or connect your accounting software.

Send payment request: Enter payor’s details and an optional note. The payment request will be emailed to them.

Track your payment request: You can view the status of every invoice by heading to your Get Paid dashboard.

Melio Payments + Xero

Syncing your Melio and Xero account is very easy and takes just a few minutes.

Account payables, i.e. bills to pay, go through a two-way sync. This means that all your Awaiting Payment bills (Draft or Awaiting Approval will not be synced) and vendor details from Xero sync to Melio and your unpaid, scheduled and paid bills and vendor details from Melio sync to Xero. So you eliminate dual-data entry of bills and enjoy auto-reconcile payments.

With account receivables, i.e. invoices, the sync is from Xero to Melio. This means that invoices should be created in Xero and then synced to Melio. Once they are fully paid with a payment request, they are synced back to Xero and marked as paid in both accounts. Also, invoices that are paid outside of Melio and marked as paid in Xero will be automatically marked as paid in Melio as well.

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1.8 out of 5 stars
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Fabian Soto
Posted 26 Sep 2023
1 out of 5 stars

Faulty Xero integration

The system is okay, but the integration with Xero is a mess, not responsive, and not reliable, and Melio support is deficient, they don't seem to know how to fix any issues. Don't waste your time with this app.
Michael McDonald
Posted 16 Aug 2023
1 out of 5 stars

It's cheap...but it's trash.

We tried to use it for AP to sync with Xero and pay vendors. The API sync with Xero is super buggy. Sometimes it works fine, and sometimes it only syncs random items or nothing at all. Sometimes it will display a bill but won't allow you schedule it for payment. Their customer service is nice, but not all helpful with anything beyond basic stuff. The tier 2 support seems unresponsive.

Response from Melio Payments

Hi Michael, thank you for sharing your feedback. We apologize that your experience has been less than satisfactory. We're aware of the Xero sync issues you're encountering and our support team is actively investigating to resolve them. We're committed to addressing your concerns and providing assistance. Please feel free to reach out to us at if you have any further questions or need assistance. Your feedback is invaluable to us. Best, Team Melio
Matt Gonzales
Posted 16 Aug 2023
5 out of 5 stars
Melio has been such a huge help for my practice. I work with Steve Xu and he has been fantastic. He is quick to help me out with any questions or issues I may have. Melio and Steve have been great partners for me. Couldn't be happier.

Response from Melio Payments

Hi Matt, thank you for your wonderful feedback! We're thrilled to hear that Melio has been a valuable asset to your practice. Steve Xu is exceptional and we're delighted to know that he's been providing you with quick and efficient assistance. We're proud to be your partners in making your financial processes smoother. If you ever need further assistance or have questions, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to help! Best, Team Melio

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