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Payroll HR

Help improve staff productivity, reduce time spent on payroll and keep on top of your compliance obligations with HR software that connects to Xero. Choose from HR apps and systems that can help simplify employee management in your small business.

  1. Featured app
    Payroll HR


    4.57 out of 5 stars
    Payroll HR
    Deel is the all-in-one platform made to simplify all things HR, built for global teams. It helps companies simplify every aspect of managing an international workforce, from culture and onboarding, to local payroll and compliance.
  2. Payroll HR

    Xero Payroll

    2.12 out of 5 stars
    Payroll HR
    Xero Payroll makes managing staff stress free and helps employers stay compliant. The cloud platform allows you to organise all your business information in one handy place.
  3. Payroll HR


    4.62 out of 5 stars
    Payroll HR
    A multi award-winning payroll and HR solution with a 99% customer satisfaction rating servicing over 320,000 businesses.
  4. Payroll HR, Time tracking


    4.08 out of 5 stars
    Payroll HR, Time tracking
    Simplify Shift Work with Staff Scheduling, Time Tracking & Labor Compliance. Generate Xero invoices in one click from employees' worked time!
  5. Accountant tools, Payroll HR

    Employment Hero Payroll

    4.61 out of 5 stars
    Accountant tools, Payroll HR
    Automate as much of your payroll processes as you like with the power of a fully integrated payroll platform.
  6. Payroll HR, Time tracking


    4.6 out of 5 stars
    Payroll HR, Time tracking
    Manage and pay staff correctly for the time they work - quickly and compliantly. Get the most out of your workforce with Tanda’s live rostering, attendance and compliance tools.
  7. Payroll HR

    Employment Hero

    3.64 out of 5 stars
    Payroll HR
    The smarter way to manage HR and recruitment. All in one place.
  8. Payroll HR, Time tracking


    4.91 out of 5 stars
    Payroll HR, Time tracking
    RosterElf is a magically simple cloud based rostering system that takes the stress out of scheduling your employees. It integrates seamlessly with Xero to process timesheets and save you hours.
  9. Payroll HR, Time tracking


    4 out of 5 stars
    Payroll HR, Time tracking
    Build employee schedules faster with factors like availability, wage costs, compliance and vacation in mind using Planday from Xero. Accurately track time and keep control of costs using Planday, and sync your employee and payroll data using Xero Payroll.
  10. Payroll HR, Reporting

    LeaveCal by Finlert

    4.9 out of 5 stars
    Payroll HR, Reporting
    Xero Small Business App of the year FY2023! Manage Team availability with your existing apps by connecting LeaveCal to Xero. Approved leave is then fed directly into your calendar, email or slack. Complete the picture with your organisation's non payroll team members and hybrid work scenarios
  11. Payroll HR


    1 out of 5 stars
    Payroll HR
    Integrated cloud payroll software for UK businesses. Fully HMRC Recognised.
  12. Payroll HR


    5 out of 5 stars
    Payroll HR
    A cloud-based, collaborative payroll platform for modern payroll bureaus and businesses. Paycircle is bringing the technology revolution to payroll in the UK. We’re changing payroll for good.
  13. Payroll HR


    4 out of 5 stars
    Payroll HR
    One place to run your global workforce—from payroll and expenses to devices and apps
  14. Payroll HR, Time tracking


    4.88 out of 5 stars
    Payroll HR, Time tracking
    Upload timesheets, leave and payslips to Xero Payroll and tasks and time to Xero Projects. Save time. Reduce errors. Say goodbye to copy & paste.
  15. Payroll HR


    5 out of 5 stars
    Payroll HR
    Run payroll in minutes instead of days. Pento calculates taxes, handles all the payments and reports to HMRC & pension providers.
  16. Custom integration, Payroll HR


    Custom integration, Payroll HR
    EBX partners with Xero and BambooHR to provide a unique first in class product for Xero and BambooHR.
  17. Payroll HR

    HR Partner

    3 out of 5 stars
    Payroll HR
    Your beautiful accounting system now talks seamlessly with a beautiful, easy to use HR information system.
  18. Payroll HR


    Payroll HR
    Automated collaborative simple cloud payroll software which will get you to fall in love with payroll! Make your payroll life a pleasure not a chore by choosing us. Discover how great customer service can change how you feel about your payroll software.
  19. Payroll HR, Time tracking


    5 out of 5 stars
    Payroll HR, Time tracking
    Plug and play time clock system for Xero Payroll.
  20. Payroll HR

    HI BOB Connector

    Payroll HR
    Global HR platform that’s totally customizable to meet your needs.
  21. Bills and expenses, Payroll HR


    5 out of 5 stars
    Bills and expenses, Payroll HR
    Super easy payroll integrated to HR software designed for smaller UK companies. Our payroll and expenses features integrate directly to Xero.
  22. Payroll HR


    Payroll HR
    Breathe is the must-have HR software for small businesses who want to save time on everyday people admin at a low cost.
  23. Payroll HR, Time tracking


    4.5 out of 5 stars
    Payroll HR, Time tracking
    Streamline time tracking and payroll processes with Timecloud’s seamless integration with Xero. Reduce manual data entry and gain real-time insights into staff timesheets and job costs.
  24. Payroll HR

    Appogee HR

    4.88 out of 5 stars
    Payroll HR
    Appogee HR, Appogee Leave and Appogee Time Tracker are people software packages created with employees in mind. The Appogee HR & Xero integration provides seamless field updates between the services, synced both ways.
Although Xero reviews each app in the Xero App Store, we can’t give any guarantees. It’s up to you to assess the performance, quality and suitability of any app before going ahead.