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    Leave in your calendar automagically! Visibility of employee leave has never been easier - see approved leave, employee birthday's and anniversaries in all your calendars in seconds.

    With Finlert's LeaveCal and Xero, visibility of employee leave has never been easier. Bring your employee leave into your Google Calendar, Outlook & others in seconds. Also see your employee Birthday's and anniversaries Manage multiple Xero Orgs from a single account.

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    LeaveCal by Finlert + Xero

    Approved leave, employee birthday's and anniversaries automagically appears in your calendar, email or slack

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    Melanie Lister

    Excellent Add on for Leave

    LeaveCal is simple to use and an excellent add on for tracking leave. Worth every cent.
    Mike Kirkby

    Our team really loves this Xero add-on

    Best $18.00 per month spend ever. We pushed our Xero leave calendar's up to a webpage so that our staff can now easily work out who is at work, who's on leave on any given day. Most of them don''t have Xero logins so this tool was an excellent way to show them leave requests that are lodged in Xero.
    Phil Brown

    Excellent Tool!

    We recently moved from having employee leave requests managed in an external HR tool to entering everything directly through Xero-Me which simplifies our HR/Payroll process for leave but left a big gap with employees not knowing when people were on leave or if it would be available. We stumbled on LeaveCal and it has fixed this gap, we have it published inside Microsoft Teams for everyone to see and be able to see all upcoming leave. Great options for being able to show/hide types of leave to maintain confidentiality etc. The team and Finlert have been super responsive and helpful when we've had questions. This app is a must for anyone managing leave directly in Xero!
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