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By HedgeFlows
5 out of 5 stars
The only smart solution that makes international finances fair & easy for small and medium businesses. Connect your Xero to pay and reconcile invoices in 30 currencies easily in minutes. Track costs, plan, and manage risks from your foreign cashflows with our expert analytics.


HedgeFlows is the smart toolkit to make finances easy and fair for any business looking to trade and grow internationally. Our easy-to-use platform helps remove the financial risks and complexities of trading in foreign currencies, eliminates manual processes and errors and helps improve profitability.


Smart Business Account: A multi-currency account to plan, manage and save on foreign payments and collections

Payment Automation: Multi-currency toolkit to help small finance teams streamline their currency payments and reconciliations

Financial Planning: A financial analytics add-on to your accounting system to manage foreign cash flows and international costs

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HedgeFlows + Xero

HedgeFlows integrates with Xero to sync your past, current, and upcoming foreign currency cashflows and streamline your invoicing and payment processes. We predict your future currency needs and help you avoid financial risks that you may otherwise face from international trade.


Your Accounts team can save hours by sourcing the data such as supplier or invoice details from your Xero, streamlining their international payments processes with features like bulk payments in 30 currencies, automated remittance emails and SWIFT confirmations. We can automatically update your payments, exact exchange rates and amounts back in Xero for you, removing tedious processes and manual errors.


We also harness your data to provide an optional "currency audit" of your past activity - an unbiased view of how effective your currency management processes are in navigating the turbulent world of global trade.


Most importantly, the HedgeFlows platform is a unique way to simply forecast your cashflows in any currency and manage them in advance - turning any future cashflow in foreign currency into guaranteed amounts in your home one. All of this can be easily done weeks or months in advance and with a simple click of a button - turning your international finances into something as simple as if you were trading in the domestic market.

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Chris Standeven
Posted 23 Aug 2023
5 out of 5 stars

Game Changer!

After starting to use Hedgeflows recently we have not only saved a HUGE amount of time and effort but also created a super slick process that has literally changed the way we do international payment runs forever! The user friendly interface and high level support is something that sets this company apart from the competition. We couldn't recommend Hedgeflows any more highly and would expect all their customers to have the same high level experience. 5 stars all round from us! Thank you Hedgeflows
Sophie Dale
Posted 13 Jul 2023
5 out of 5 stars

Great FX Solution

We have been spending incredible amounts on bank fees thanks to foreign payments, and have been exchanging excess currency at unfavourable rates for far too long. Very pleased to have signed up to HedgeFlows, we have already saved £hundreds in just a couple of transactions. The system is incredibly easy to use, and the support and communication offered is second to none.
Tracey Mayling
Posted 4 Jul 2023
5 out of 5 stars


So glad we changed to Hegdeflows! Very easy to use, great currency information, fantastic exchange rates. Love that I can lock in a rate without having to transfer funds until they are needed.

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