LUCA+ is an encrypted, cloud-based ‘e-Invoicing’ platform that helps you cut financial stress and grow faster with automated accounts. LUCA+ streamlines bookkeeping for all businesses, accountants and auditors.

    e-Invoicing is supported by the ATO. It is projected to deliver economy-wide efficiencies of more than $28 billion. LUCA+ is Australia’s leading specialist provider, and its integration with Xero provides an easy, low-cost solution for SME’s.

    Benefits of using LUCA+ for Businesses:

    • Better manage cash-flow
    • Get paid up to 32% faster
    • Avoid invoice fraud Benefits For Accountants and Bookkeepers:
    • Reduce reconciliation errors
    • Cut manual data entry
    • Save time on labour costs
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    Luca+ + Xero

    LUCA+ integrates seamlessly into Xero to enable instant automation, and an immutable audit trail. There are just a few quick steps required to join. You can start ‘e Invoicing’ in minutes:

    1. Sign up to LUCA+

    2. Sync your Xero accounts receivable and accounts payable data.

    3. Import your contacts.

    4. Start automating your accounts receivable and accounts payable.

    5. Use ‘bank reconciliation’ feature to match and track payments (Luca+ is integrated into 76 financial institutions).

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    Hanna Geng
    An app which synchronises the bills and the receivables. The blockchain concept will take years to transform businesses but the journey can start here.
    Leo Huang
    loving it, one click installation. automate the bank rec and import the invoices for us
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