Stripe makes it easy to accept debit and credit card payments for online invoices sent from Xero.

    Get paid up to 14 days faster, and reconcile payments easily, when you use Stripe in Xero. You can also set recurring payments for repeat customers with auto pay in Xero.

    Millions of businesses — ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies—rely on Stripe’s tools to securely accept payments. Stripe offers fraud protection tools powered by advanced machine learning algorithms to help you detect and prevent fraud.

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    Stripe + Xero

    Easy set up To set up Stripe and collect payments on invoices, connect from the invoicing screen in Xero, or payment service setting in the general Xero settings section.

    If you use Stripe outside of Xero invoices but would like to reconcile Stripe payments, such as payments from an online store or CRM tool, you can connect the Stripe bank feed.

    Stripe processes all transactions for you, then pays out to your chosen bank account. Once your Stripe account is integrated with Xero, you can accept payments immediately.

    Secure for your customers and for you Stripe is PCI DSS Level 1 certified. Your customer’s information is tokenized so you never need to see or store sensitive information. Stripe also supports PSD2 regulations in Europe and is Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) compliant. Stripe scans every transaction to dynamically trigger additional authentication only when required.

    Easy Reconciliation When a Stripe payout comes in through your bank feed, Xero will do the matching work for you. All the transactions in Xero tied to the Stripe statement line will be automatically matched against it. Say goodbye to tracking down a ton of payments and fees included in a daily, weekly or monthly Stripe payout.

    Payout times

    When a payment is first received, it is initially reflected as a pending balance, less any fees. This balance becomes available according to your payout schedule. Funds are transferred to your bank account on a rolling basis. It is important to know that due to financial regulations there is a mandatory 7-10 day period to receive your first payment from Stripe. After that, you can set the frequency of the payouts in the Balance tab of your Stripe dashboard and view all payouts from Stripe to your bank account.

    New Zealand4 business days
    Australia2 business days (except businesses in higher-risk industries*)
    United Kingdom7 business days**
    United States2 business days (except businesses in higher-risk industries*)

    See the payment schedules for your country here.

    *If your business operates in a higher-risk industry, this schedule may not be immediately available. We require a short period to monitor your business activity before it can be enabled, in which case a 7 calendar day schedule would apply instead. This delay protects your business, customers, and Stripe from the increased risk of fraudulent activity.

    ** In some markets, it may be possible for your funds to be available sooner than the standard schedule. Eligibility for accelerated payout timing depends on your history with Stripe and the industry in which your business operates. To change to an accelerated payout plan or back to the market default, visit your account’s payout settings in the Stripe Dashboard. When selected, an accelerated plan applies to all future charges.

    Reviews & ratings

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    Christine Potgieter

    Just stupid service and pay-out delays!

    For some stupid reason they decided to hold our company pay-outs for up to two weeks. We had two accounts with them, one was payed out with in 48hrs and the second one they decided 14 days will be fare for pay outs. Not sure how any business can use them. Spoke to customer service and the bloke can't explain the reason for the double standards... Just that it's for our own best interest that they keep our money for 14 days interest free..... Yes we no longer use them... for our best interest!

    Response from Stripe

    We'd be happy to take a look and see if there's anything we can do—mind sending over more details to
    Lipaz Pachima

    holding your money for ages

    they have let me open an account after I supplied all requested details they asked for, then after I did the first transection with them I've received an email saying, they can't support my business and the will hold my money for 120 days!!!

    Response from Stripe

    Mind sending us an email via so we can take a look into things?
    Guy Boggan


    All the reviews here are from the sort of people who leave 'reviews', they'd complain about anything. I'm only writing this to compensate because I think stripe are fantastic, I dare people here to suggest a better payment integration platform at the moment, Stripe is so easy to use, so transparent, and integrates across a tonne of platforms. The dashboard is a pleasure to manage payments in and issue receipts & refunds if necessary. Yes you have to wait up to a week to have funds deposited but if you have a SEPA bank they will arrive exactly when they say they will, and they have recently added instant payments within the UK so hopefully that will role out soon everywhere. Plus with the added ease of taking payments you'll still get your funds quicker than archaic accounting teams that finally get around to a bank transfer a month later. And this is also only really a noticeable issue at the beginning because once you start regularly invoicing you'll constantly have money being deposited just it'll be from the week before etc, cash flow will balance out. And yes they have fees but they are much lower than other platforms, I'm based in Ireland and their fee is 1.4% + €0.25 (+Vat), where as PayPal is 3.4% + €0.30 (+Vat) and that is a significant difference. The one thing I would love to be updated with this integration, is to integrate the new Stripe Climate Badge into the card payment on a Xero invoice, it doesn't show up even if you have it active in Stripe and for Stripe Invoices.
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