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By Tripcatcher Ltd
4.93 out of 5 stars
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Tripcatcher helps you manage those pesky mileage claims, using mobile and web apps and publishes them seamlessly to Xero, Dext, PDF or Excel
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May 2016


Tripcatcher is for individuals, accountants, bookkeepers, and companies where users drive their own or company vehicles for business.

Mileage can be recorded manually through the Add Trip form on the phone app and web app. Tripcatcher uses Google’s functionality to select locations and calculate distances travelled. Mileage on the go can also be captured through GPS. The GPS tracking uses a manual start and stop, it is not automatic.

Tripcatcher users can, when claiming their business mileage, use the HMRC-recommended rates

  • 45ppm (reducing to 25ppm after 10,000 miles) for cars and vans,
  • 24ppm for motorbikes
  • 20ppm for bicycles
  • 5ppm per passenger

Company car users can claim mileage using the HMRC Advisory Fuel Rates and Tripcatcher also allows users to set up bespoke rates.

The benefits of using Tripcatcher with Xero for claiming mileage include:

  • The integration with Xero cuts down on data entry
  • Claim all your business mileage easily with favourite places, favourite trips, default settings and more
  • Save money especially when claiming the VAT on mileage expenses through Tripcatcher
  • Record and publish mileage to Xero, on the go, with the iOS and Android apps
  • Easily manage your users' mileage expenses through the "Users dashboard”
  • Tripcatcher is continually being improved based on customer feedback

Tripcatcher + Xero

Tripcatcher publishes your mileage expenses to Xero Bills or Classic Expenses using your selected account codes.

The HMRC Advisory Fuel rates are also used to calculate the VAT on mileage expenses which feeds into your Xero VAT report.

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4.9 out of 5 stars
87 Reviews

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Nathan Burley
Posted 7 Mar 2024
5 out of 5 stars

Great app, even better service

I've got no hesitation in recommending TripCatcher. We've used it for a while now and it's great. It does everything we it to without issues and it's simple to use too. When we did have a couple of issues in connecting the accounts to Xero errors we created clearly notified Suzanne at TripCatcher who instantly reached out to offer help - just brilliant service! Since then whenever I've had issues Suzanne comes straight back to me and walks us through what we need to do. Really excellent service.
Paul Vennard
Posted 5 Mar 2024
5 out of 5 stars

A step up from the My Xero app

I was using TripCatcher to manage my mileage and was really happy with the way it worked. With the My Xero app i thought i could consolidate into one app so stopped using Tripcatcher. One month later i am back with Tripcatcher as so much better. Great app that allows me to track daily but post monthly as one Bill. Tracks my mileage throughout the tax year for reporting and generally makes my life 100% easier. HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Simon Hanson
Posted 9 Feb 2024
5 out of 5 stars

Simple and effective

Great tool for managing business travel. Simple to use and saves lots of time avoiding spreadsheets to track mileage

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By Tripcatcher Ltd
Added in 2016

14 day free trial available

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