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By Xero
3 out of 5 stars
Build employee schedules faster with factors like availability, wage costs, compliance and vacation in mind using Planday from Xero. Accurately track time and keep control of costs using Planday, and sync your employee and payroll data using Xero Payroll.


Planday is part of the Xero family after announcing the acquisition by Xero in March 2021. Build employee schedules faster, ensure your payroll is more accurate and more efficient using smart time-tracking, and communicate with your staff instantly using Xero and Planday.

1. All the features you’re looking for. With greater visibility of your staff rota, you can let staff swap, drop and pick-up shifts on the go. Set up rules to comply with local labour laws, ensure pay rates and guarantee shifts with the right skills. Seamlessly sync with Xero payroll so you stay on top of costs.

2. Save time and money. Whether you’re an accountant trying to save time and stay compliant when running payroll, or your business is looking to improve your bottom line, Planday reduces time spent on admin, mistakes in factors like time tracking and payroll and cuts time spent chasing the right information.

3. Support every step of the way. With dedicated local support in a range of languages, a library of tips, tricks and helpful videos, Planday is your partner in making new software solutions seamless for your clients, your staff and your business.

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Planday + Xero

Take the guesswork out of your staff schedules with Planday from Xero. Build rotas fast, with staff availability, skills, wage costs and compliance in mind, and use instant communication, time tracking and a comprehensive overview to react in real time. Using Xero Payroll with Planday can take your reporting to the next level and easily sync hours worked, breaks, absence and overtime, so your pay run is done in a few clicks and you have an accurate and compliant overview of your costs.

What users say

“The Planday/Xero connection reduces hours and hours of payroll time. This reduces space for human error and manual work spent inputting data. There is a full employee overview available prior to syncing to confirm records, and then it feeds into your selected pay run, ready for processing.”

  • Charles Wells, People Coordinator – Pasta Evangelists

“We came from a system that tried to do it all, but pretty badly. Planday & Xero’s integration was a big factor in making sure we had right systems for the job.”

  • Kevin Edwards, Managing Director – Meddyg Care

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David Lowrie
1 out of 5 stars

Expensive Hidden Costs and Unhelpful Staff

I have wasted a lot of time trying to get Planday setup for our business only to find I would have to pay a lot of extra costs to get the useful features. Their support team were anything but supportive, ignoring emails and giving generic replies.
Liam Hope
5 out of 5 stars
We've been using the Xero and Planday integration for over a year now and it has really improved our payroll process. Previously department heads would spend a couple of hours each at month end processing time clock entries and filling in spreadsheets before numerous checks and queries from the finance team. A very manual, time intensive and mistake prone process. Now managers spend a minute or so to easily approve the time clock entries each day or week depending on the size of their team and these flow into Xero as soon as payroll is ready to be processed. The actual integration process is smooth to setup and the initial mapping of data is pretty easy but Planday support are always on hand when you run into something you're unsure of. There are numerous ways to take care of holiday so make sure you're clear on how you will do it and which system you will use. Another tip is to remember that xero is the master information in regards to pay rate, it doesn't matter what the pay rate is in planday, xero will override that. Our main driver for this integration was to reduce errors and save time but another benefit we found was it reduced the number of payroll related queries from team too. They can see in their planday app at any time how many hours have been approved for the month alongside their timeclock entries so it's clear to them what they have been, or will be paid (they don't forget about that day they were sick or that time they finished early!).

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