Xero's most advanced suite of tools for Accounts Payables with line-item data extraction, approvals and collaboration.

    Go Paperless

    Transferring paperwork to head office is very time consuming. Other issues include lost/forgotten or damaged and even destroyed paperwork making it difficult to manually enter the data.

    With Lightyear's Accounts Payables your teams will never have to worry about this again, simply sit back and watch as we turn your office into a completely paperless environment.

    Most suppliers can provide you with an e-bill (email bill) rather than a physical document. This will reduce the amount of paperwork entering your office as well as fixing problems with damaged or lost documents.

    When uploaded our proprietary Line-Item Data-Extraction software will automatically retrieve your supplier and line item information from the bill meaning no manual data entry. If the supplier is unable to provide you with an e-bill, we can extract data from a scanned document using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology.

    Approvals On The Go

    Getting the appropriate person to approve bills for payment whilst they are out of office can add unnecessary days onto your approval process. Sometimes there can be multiple approvers for specific actions, tasks or suppliers which can further complicate matters.

    With Lightyear's Multi-Tiered Workflow all stress is removed. When you have set your Intelligent Rules Automation, Lightyear will automatically push the approvals task/bill through to the correct approver at the appropriate stage without you having to do a thing.

    If your approver is out or range and doesn't have access to their computer that's not a problem. With our mobile approvals workflow, all assigned tasks can be viewed, approved, archived, rejected or disputed with a swipe of their finger. Simply download Lightyear's companion mobile app for your smartphone and stay connected.

    No Mistakes

    Some companies require line-item details from their supplier bills in order to see what materials have been ordered for their contracts. Extracting this data accurately is extremely important as any mistake can be very costly, typically in most companies this is a manual process which is prone to error.

    Within Lightyear's proprietary Line-Item-Data-Extraction software all your important data is extracted automatically in real-time with 100% accuracy so you can see exactly what has been ordered.

    Inventory Sync

    Lightyear can integrate with your inventory software meaning no manually entering data multiple times. As soon as line-item data is extracted it can be pushed through to your inventory software meaning you have a real-time overview or your stock.

    Partner program available

    Lightyear offers both business and referral partnership programs. Visit https://www.lightyear.cloud/accountants-bookkeepers

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    Lightyear + Xero

    With 1 click you can export your accounts payable data to Xero. Supplier cards, categories, tax codes, GL's are all transmitted on a line by line basis into Xero. Once your data is in Xero your accountant can then pay for the approved bills.

    Still unsure if Lightyear is the solution for you
    Our team is ready to speak to you today to show you the power of Lightyear. Contact us via the Contact form on our website: www.lightyear.cloud

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    Kate Yapp

    Great system and service

    Lightyear is a very simple, straightforward system to use. The Customer service team are amazing, always quick to resolve any questions we have. Would highly recommend.
    Swerve Accounts
    Our company processes a large volume of purchase bills on a weekly basis. By using lightyear we have saved countless hours coding and approving purchase bills before exporting them into Xero.
    Simonne Moore
    Amazing & Super easy to use! Easy data storage while being cloud based.
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