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Xero's most advanced suite of tools for Purchasing & Accounts Payables with line-item data extraction, approvals and collaboration.


The bigger the business, the more complex their Purchasing & Accounts Payable needs.

Lightyear caters for those businesses that want to combine their data extraction from supplier bills and approvals workflow into one platform.

  • Advanced Procurement & PO Approvals
  • Direct to Supplier ordering
  • Goods Received matching
  • Automated 3-way matching
  • Import your POs into Lightyear to complete your 3-Way Matching
  • Instant data extraction with up to 100% accuracy
  • Approve bills on the go via our mobile app, in-browser or via email
  • Automated bookkeeping on every line item
  • Multi-currency
  • Automatic Bank details check
  • Automated Supplier Statement Reconciliation
  • Instant messaging and notifications centre
  • Integrations with leading inventory software providers
  • Detailed reporting on all your purchases including COGS
  • Archive with full audit trail

Discover more than 50 features in Lightyear today.

Lightyear is a cloud-based Purchasing and Accounts Payable platform. We automate data entry and approvals to streamline the traditional Purchasing and Accounts Payable process, saving business both time and money. Lightyear has two optional product modules for you to choose from; Purchasing & Accounts Payables.


Leverage the latest technology to automate and streamline your purchasing processes including Automated 3-Way Matching on the line-item level. Lightyear can auto-import Purchase Orders (POs) from Xero allowing you to complete your Automated 3-Way Matching or you can easily create POs in Lightyear from a computer, tablet or mobile. Decrease approval time, ensure spend control and prevent fraud across your teams with our approvals matrix. Receive goods against POs and allow Lightyear to do the heavy lifting with our Automated line item 3-Way Matching.

Accounts Payable

Lightyear delivers a paperless office, ideal for remote AP team working. Lightyear extracts line-item data in real-time and fully automated bookkeeping on a line by line level. Bills and Credits are then approved through a customisable approvals workflow, after which the approved data is automatically synced with Xero (and Xero Inventory / Point of Sale Systems if required). Bills are then stored online for 8 years, enabling a truly connected and paperless organisation in the Lightyear Cloud.

Explore all features of Lightyear
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Lightyear + Xero

With 1 click you can export your accounts payable data to Xero. Supplier cards, categories, tax codes, GL's are all transmitted on a line by line basis into Xero. Once your data is in Xero your accountant can then pay for the approved bills.

You can also sync stock data with Xero Inventory in 1 click.

Still unsure if Lightyear is the solution for you? Our team is ready to speak to you today to show you the power of Lightyear. Book a demo with 1 of our consultants today

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Debra Selkirk

Game Changer

This app has been a game changer for us. The Keyword feature is my favourite when working with multiple locations. The mobile phone app is easy to use and switch between companies.
Tom Magee

No Idea How I'd Get By Without Lightyear

Having a system that reads invoices, extracts data and logs invoice review and approval is a lifesaver. I don't know how I would get by without it!
Matt Drake

Very Powereful data extraction & Approval

We selected Lightyear after a comprehensive review. Having data extraction and approval in one system is a big plus, making it easy to see where an invoice is. The need to define a data map and link it to an email address for each supplier does add to the initial set-up when compared to some other solutions, but it is by no means onerous. But it does mean you have more options regards what you can extract. We were able to extract our own PO references on all our supplier invoices making it easy for the team to find the invoice they need. The support team are also first class
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