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DEAR Inventory
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Florian Simmendinger

Worst SaaS experience I've had in the past 7 years running my company

When we started using DEAR Systems the costs was $40 USD per month. When choosing a SaaS provider for anything, you actually make a huge commitment and have to put a fair bit of trust in the provider. We had to integrate DEAR with various other services such as Xero. We created an internal knowledge base how to use it for common use cases, had initial set up costs, etc. We then populated it with years of data. Basically we were stuck with DEAR for life. Once we were fully locked into the system, DEAR made the absolutely outrageous move to increase their pricing from $40 USD per month to $375 USD per month for us. Unlike literally any other SaaS provider in the world, they did not grandfather existing customers with the original price, but raised the prices on everyone. In my opinion this is a predatory business practice. Price increases are fine - increase the price by 20% if you must, even on existing customers. But 10x from $40 to $375 combined with the extremely strong lock in? That honestly borders on being a scam. Now today what prompted me to write the review was another price increase by almost double from $375 to $625! As if this wasn't bad enough, DEAR Systems did not even announce the price increase but just started billing us twice the amount. DEAR Systems clearly hates their customers and can not be trusted. We'll be moving to a different provider as soon as possible!
Daniel Russell

Incredibly comprehensive, continually developing, and great support

DEAR is an amazingly comprehensive inventory management and manufacturing solution for (large scale) business. The granularity it provides for the production process is fantastic. For small-scale operations (i.e. small business), it's probably overkill, but if you need to manage stock movement and production on large scales, and aren't directly managing your staff, it's a great system. Once set up correctly, you can see in close or more general detail, the state of your business. The system also looks like it will excel for international business.
Jon Meecham
Great support, very in depth inventory systems, easy to use and import your Xero accounts to. Special shout out to Deesha for taking us through all our queries.
Justin Berry

Great System - Very Flexible

5 stars for the system features / use ability 5 stars for sales team (esp Dion) 4 stars for the ease of integration 3 stars for the ability to contact sales 3 stars for the support (via email only)
Anita Sajkiewicz

DEAR is a fantastic system

DEAR is a fantastic system which will manage the inventory and sales/purchase process for various channels. We have recently completed XERO/DEAR integration for a client trading through various channels, including traditional warehousing, Shopify and Amazon. They needed one capable platform which could handle complex inventory management in one place. DEAR is the answer. Although the integration process was challenging, DEAR team was there to help on every step of the way. I would highly recommend for any business struggling with proper inventory and sales/purchases control.
Vicki Cavalieros
We started using DEAR inventory recently and at first it was challenging to learn how to use all the functions, however once we got our head around it we have found it to be a really great tool. It has helped us to monitor our stock levels and introduce POS and barcode scanning which will saves time and helps make us more efficient.
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