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Upload scanned or PDF invoices into your Xero account in seconds. 100% automated. Drag/Drop, E-mail or snap a photo. Extract line items, PO numbers and more

EzzyBills is a key app to automate bookkeeping. You or your clients email scans or PDF invoices to EzzyBills; or use a phone app. We extract the data and export to Xero. Done in seconds, with line items!

For businesses with many invoices to enter in Xero, EzzyBills is for you. Retails, restaurants, plumbers, electricians, pharmacists and medical practices are using EzzyBills.

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EzzyBills + Xero

EzzyBills will put your Xero on auto-pilot! We export invoice data into Xero as Bills or Sales Invoices or Spent Money transactions. We also automate account codes and project tracking by learning from the past invoices in your Xero. For record keeping, we send the invoice file to Xero as attachment to the invoice, along with optional notes, approval records, or delivery dockets.

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Made by Michael Fitzmaurice
Added in 2015


Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States




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