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By AgriSmart
4.5 out of 5 stars
A Workforce Management System designed entirely for the New Zealand agriculture & horticulture industries. Our features include onboarding, modern time capturing methods, a full payroll system, invoicing & job costing, rosters & tasks, health & safety and so much more! We are a true one-stop shop.
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October 2021
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AgriSmart is an all-in-one workforce management system that understands the complexity of managing and employing Kiwis in the agriculture & horticulture industries.

We offer a range of features that work independently but also combine to provide you with a single login for all your management tools.

Fully digitise your recruitment onboarding with us, using digital signatures, custom questions, and automated document creation. All records can be downloaded or stored within your AgriSmart licence for safe keeping.

Run payroll with a mix of piece rates, salaries, pay rates linked to activity codes, productivity incentives, team target incentives, and attendance bonuses. We have automated the payment methodologies that New Zealand farmers and orchardists use throughout each season.

Timesheets that work offline for employees and contractors which include optional workflows for approval of timesheets.

The job costing module allows you to track costs to the level of detail your business requires - per location, orchard, block, management area, variety, and more.

We also have an extensive Health & Safety module, enabling you to create site inductions for visitors, record all risks and incidents, log your equipment with maintenance history and user guides, list hazardous substances on site, map out your land with digital maps, and much more.

Other modules available on AgriSmart include rosters, tasks, biometric devices, access control systems for temperature record keeping, audit checklists for GAP/GRASP, inventory management, site inductions, and budgeting.

Experience an integrated solution built for your industry that saves payroll managers alone up to 24-hours a week.

Life is easier with an all-in-one software solution.

AgriSmart + Xero

How detailed do you want to get?

A simple integration could push all your wage costs to Xero against a single account code and tracking option.

A detailed integration can automate the tracking of employee costs from a digital timesheet in our app down to the management area within an orchard block per activity/task. In fact, some AgriSmart clients track costs all the way down to individual rows within their orchard. These costs can then be bundled up or itemised against specific tracking categories, options, account codes, or item codes. The most common approach in NZ horticulture we see is the tracking of employee costs against your profit centres - simplifying orchard gate return calculations.

Invoices can be pushed from AgriSmart into Xero - itemised by the activity that your employees completed for your clients. This includes disbursements, added costs like KM’s or hours running the John Deere - all passed through from a timesheet all the way to Xero with an approval workflow in between should you want it.

Data is sync’d between both systems with the ability for you to select what you want to be linked within AgriSmart.

Pick up the phone or shoot us an email and let's chat about what is possible with AgriSmart + Xero.

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4.5 out of 5 stars
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Hannah Raza
Posted 27 Oct 2021
5 out of 5 stars
AgriSmart is a very comprehensive software where you can login and take care of so many of your admin tasks all at once. I love how everything flows through to the respective modules & reports. The team at AgriSmart are also very helpful and get back to any queries within a short period of time.
Florence Kumar
Posted 10 Oct 2021
4 out of 5 stars
We've had a really great experience with AgriSmart so far. One of our biggest orchard clients just got moved to AgriSmart and the support received for both us as the accountants as well as for the payroll processor was great. Responses are very timely and detailed and easy to understand. Great to see the details behind the calculations. The reports available are very impressive as well. Love that they are able to take our feedback and make changes to better our experience.

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