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Finverse Payments

By Finverse Payments
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Collect one-off and recurring payments directly from the payer's bank account, at 85% savings compared to cards.
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May 2023
Key functions


Accept bank payments online and get paid up to twice as fast when using Finverse in Xero. You can also set recurring payments for repeat customers with auto pay option to turn always-late into on-time payers.

Whenever you receive payments via Finverse through a Xero invoice, every payment is automatically reconciled with the outstanding amount. No screenshots or manual reconciliation required.

Key benefits:

  • Get paid faster by embedding FPS bank payments into invoices
  • Enable recurring payments via autopay (direct debit / eDDA)
  • Eliminate AR reconciliation costs (for finance/ops teams)
  • Support all Hong Kong banks (115 banks)
  • Instant setup: turn on payments in Xero in <5 minutes
  • Low cost: 85% lower cost vs. card payments


  • Invoice payments: 0.5% of payment amount (min HK$5 per transaction)
  • No monthly fees or minimums

Finverse Payments + Xero

Send invoices from Xero: Approve & send your invoices normally choosing 'Finverse' as payment method -- they will now include a "Pay now by bank" option (alongside any other payment options you may already use like Stripe/Paypal)

Online payment: Customers open & complete the Finverse payment flow directly from the "Pay now" button on each invoice. Customers will receive email notifications from Finverse for any payments they make.

Automatic reconciliation in Xero: Once the customer's payment is complete, Finverse will automatically mark the Xero invoice as paid & register fees & payouts in the "Finverse Clearing Account".

Autopay future invoices: if a customer opts-in to autopay future invoices, Finverse will automatically lookup Xero invoices for that customer and execute a payment on the invoice due date if the invoice is still unpaid. Customers will receive email notifications from Finverse for any autopayments that are scheduled.

View Finverse payments dashboard: Go to > Payments to view all payments made, plus any autopayments scheduled.

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By Finverse Payments
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