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By Tipalti
4.2 out of 5 stars
Modernize your business with Tipalti’s holistic finance automation solution - gain better visibility and control of your company spend, save money, and run your business and finance team more efficiently. Solve complexity around cross-border use cases while extending the power of Xero
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Tipalti Finance Automation and Global Payments for Xero

Tipalti makes it painless for finance departments to manage their entire finance operations and Global Payments by streamlining:

  1. Partner / supplier / vendor onboarding and vetting
  2. IRS & VAT validations; W-9 / W-8 / 1099 tax compliance
  3. Procurement / PO management
  4. AI-powered invoice management: Invoice collection, processing and approvals, and PO-matching
  5. Proactive OFAC screening
  6. International partner / supplier payments
  7. Partner/supplier/vendor communications
  8. Payment reconciliation & AP reporting with Xero
  9. Corporate card spend
  10. Employee-initiated spending and reimbursements

Eliminate 80% of payables workload and avoid additional hiring. As you add more invoices, payments, global suppliers, subsidiaries, costs, and audit controls, automate your payables process so you can easily and rapidly manage the changing needs without requiring more resources. Your AP & finance teams can free up their valuable time and focus on strategic initiatives.

Reduce tax, regulatory, and financial control risk with our KPMG-Approved Tax Engine. Collect and validate IRS, VAT tax IDs, W-9, W-8BEN, VAT Details, 1099 & 1042-S reports, & calculate withholdings. Ensure compliance with digitized tax form collection, which includes built-in audit logs, automatic validation against 3,000+ rules, OFAC (& other) sanctions screenings before every payment, signatory rights, and robust workflow approvals.

Improve partner/supplier/vendor relationships by providing a best-in-class experience. Streamlined onboarding with an easy-to-use, white-labeled system puts the power in your partner’s hands. Keeping them satisfied is the most effective way to retain and delight current partners on your platform while allowing you to attract new partners and avoid churn risk.

Accelerate financial close by 25%+: Automatically reconcile payments into Xero, which enables real-time cash flow and spend visibility while streamlining payment reconciliation across instances, geographies, currencies, payment methods, and workflows.

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Tipalti + Xero

The Tipalti and Xero integration will allow you to unlock the following for your growing business:

Supplier Management:

  1. 26,000+ rules for verifying partner/supplier payment information
  2. Supplier/partner self-service portal available 24 hours, 7 days a week; allows partners to view invoice and payment history, change payment information, see payment statuses, upload invoices, and run reports
  3. Branded portal matches your company’s look and feel
  4. Automated emails to partners for status updates, including when tax forms are invalid or expired, when payments fail (including corrective actions to take), and more

Tax & Regulatory Compliance:

  1. W-9 / W-8 capabilities meet the standards outlined by the IRS, as prescribed by KPMG
  2. Local / VAT tax ID collection in 50 countries, with 3,000+ rules that validate tax digits
  3. 1099 / 1042-S tax preparation reporting
  4. Integrated e-filing capabilities
  5. Tax withholding amounts are automatically deducted from payments
  6. Optimized for digital consumption and electronic signatures
  7. OFAC and "Do Not Pay" blacklist screening before all payments are processed

Touchless Invoice Processing, PO Matching, and Approvals:

  1. AI-powered OCR (header + line level scanned & captured) extracts invoice details and pre-populates bill information
  2. Advanced data extraction services get you to 100% invoice completeness and accuracy
  3. AI recommends approval sequences based on criteria such as supplier and GL account
  4. Manage/approve invoices via email with configurable approval matrix
  5. Enhance collaboration via mobile devices with Tipalti Comments, a built-in communication hub to resolve issues quickly, accelerating invoice processing
  6. Intelligence built-in, getting smarter and more accurate as invoices are scanned
  7. Support for PO and non-PO invoices, with configurable rules that align with company matching policies based on bill amount or supplier

Procurement, Expenses & Corporate Card:

  1. Control 90% of total addressable spend with intuitive, employee-friendly intake forms for easy employee adoption
  2. Robust approval flow management for automated approval routing tailored to company policies
  3. Pre-built integration with leading ERPs, HRIS, ticketing systems, Amazon, and Slack
  4. PO, budget, and supplier sync to keep all systems up-to-date
  5. Real-time spend reports and dashboards across multiple subsidiaries
  6. Manage reimbursable expenses and card transactions in one place with corporate card integration supporting Visa, Mastercard and American Express
  7. Accelerate monthly close by automatically categorizing expenses by GL expense type and syncing with ERP

Cross-Border Payments:

  1. Global payments to 196 countries, 120+ currencies
  2. Choice of 12 payment methods – US ACH, wire transfer, eCheck / global ACH, paper checks, PayPal, prepaid debit card and more

Reviews & ratings

4.2 out of 5 stars
5 Reviews

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Most recent reviews

Kirsten Barrie
Posted 31 Aug 2023
1 out of 5 stars

One of the worst apps in the Xero ecosystem that I've worked with in 10 years

In brief, Tipalti lied to Xero about having a 2 way sync, lied to my firm and client about it, lied during sandbox testing, and even lied about having an integration before they were approved to Xero. In trying to resolve the issues that their system created, which sent over wrong data making my clients books incorrect, causing issues for investor reports and many, many hours spent trying to fix it - they were unprofessional and very difficult to work with. I had to alert Xero API to these issues, they were going along the approval process unchecked and being deceitful to everyone they could be. They also overcharged my client on an autodebit of over $1000, but did not provide any invoicing for it. They also would not refund, but only provide a credit months later. I only caught it when trying to audit the mess of accounting they have on their side - as they pull the fees from the fees sent to them to hold in their account (that they earn money on). Almost none of the fees their integration marked as fees match to their invoices. They continue to be unresponsive and disregard that there are still unresolved issues they caused. This gives the feeling that all the way up through the CEO, they truly only care about making a profit rather than a good product. Their UX is clunky, small and non-standard. Their app cannot generate commonly needed lists. It's very limited. They charge a lot of fees, and do not take responsibility if the vendor puts in something incorrect on their banking field (even honest mistakes) - they do not use Plaid or similar, nor do any advice on testing fees. The app will show a payment is made even if it wasn't and won't reflect it up for months. Xero has approved their integration now, and approved them to be on the marketplace, but I would not recommend this app and would highly encourage looking elsewhere for payment solutions.
2 people found this review helpful.
Fung Ly
Posted 26 Jul 2023
5 out of 5 stars

Process Optimisation

Using Tipalti has streamlined our manual processes and saved me time during the busy period of month end. Generating invoices and processing payment run to multiple clients has never been simpler! Highly recommend Tipalti
One person found this review helpful.
Brett Brauteseth
Posted 13 Jul 2023
5 out of 5 stars

5 Star End to End AP Solution

I highly recommend Tipalti as our trusted payments partner. Their international payment solution is reliable, cost-effective, and efficient. The integration with Xero is a fantastic addition, saving valuable time for Xero users like us. Their platform is reliable, their customer support is excellent.
One person found this review helpful.

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