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Workshop Mate

By Workshop Mate
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Workshop Management solution designed specifically for Auto Repair Workshops. Take control of your workshop with ease, from appointment scheduling and resource allocation to inventory management and invoicing - Everything you need and more in the one simple and easy to use application.
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Workshop Mate - Your All-in-One Workshop Management Software Solution!

Specifically developed for the Auto Repair Workshop’s to streamline and optimise every aspect of your workshop operations, providing comprehensive support and automation. With Workshop Mate, you can effortlessly manage your workshop while enjoying a hassle-free business management experience…

Streamlined Inventory Management

Workshop Mate is packed with a wide array of robust features designed to simplify your daily operations and boost productivity. Imagine effortlessly managing your workshop's inventory with complete visibility and control over stock levels. Bid farewell to the frustration of stockouts and optimise your Workshop with ease.

Efficient Appointment Scheduling

Workshop Mate comes with a user-friendly appointment scheduling system that allows you to effortlessly manage bookings for your workshop. Say goodbye to double bookings and confusion, and keep your team organised with clear schedules and real-time updates.

Streamlined Resource Allocation

Optimise your workshop's efficiency by allocating resources effectively. Assign tasks to the right team members, allocate equipment and tools, and ensure that every job runs smoothly without any unnecessary delays or bottlenecks.

Effortless Invoicing and Payment

Workshop Mate simplifies your invoicing and payment processes. Generate professional invoices, send them to clients with ease.

Seamless Client Communications

Enhance client satisfaction with Workshop Mate’s built-in communication tools. Keep your clients informed about project progress, appointment reminders, and updates. Strengthen client relationships and ensure they have a positive experience with your workshop.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

Make informed decisions with Workshop Mate’s robust reporting and analytics features. Gain insights into your workshop's performance, track key metrics, and identify areas for improvement. Workshop Mate empowers you to continuously refine your processes and grow your business.

Efficient Integration with Xero

Workshop Mate leverages the latest technologies to address common frustrations experienced by Auto Repair Workshops, providing a streamlined and modern workshop management experience. Focus on growing your business while Workshop Mate takes care of the intricate details, saving you time and effort.

Suitable for Workshop of All Sizes

Whether you operate a small-scale manufacturing workshop, a large-scale Workshop, or any anything in-between, Workshop Mate is tailored to meet your workshop's unique needs.

Discover the power of automation and efficiency with Workshop Mate, and take your Workshop to new heights of success.

Workshop Mate
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Workshop Mate + Xero

Experience seamless workshop management with Workshop Mate's two-way data sync integration with Xero, the industry-leading accounting software.

This powerful integration allows you to sync essential data effortlessly, including items, purchase orders, invoices, purchase payments, invoice payment adjustments, customers, and suppliers. By combining the capabilities of Workshop Mate with the financial prowess of Xero, you gain a complete workshop management solution that streamlines your operations and enhances efficiency.

Say goodbye to manual data entry and tedious reconciliations – Join the countless satisfied users who have transformed their workshop management with Workshop Mate and Xero today!

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Katrina Potter
Posted 14 Aug 2019
5 out of 5 stars
We have used Workshop Mate with Xero for approximately 4 years. It works very well and we're very happy with it. The support team at Workshop Mate are also very responsive to questions and feedback, making it very easy to transition over and sort out any questions! Definitely would recommend.
Jason Gardner
Posted 22 Jul 2019
5 out of 5 stars
We have been using Workshop Mate & Xero for the last twelve months! So User Friendly! We absolutely love it! Should have found it years ago!!!
Kylie Horton
Posted 17 Jul 2019
5 out of 5 stars
We have been using Workshop Mate for 7 years and linked it to Xero last financial year. Wow! How much easier is my life?! My accountant can log in and check on things at any time and now everything is streamlined. The whole process was supported by the lovely people at Jeal. Highly recommend this partnership!

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