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​​The most comprehensive reporting system for B2B companies. Designed to unlock the potential of your data, steamline reporting and making it easy to use financial data across the business. Integrate Xero tracking codes, consolidate multiple Xero entities, automate deferred and accrued revenue.


ScaleXP is the most comprehensive reporting system for B2B or SAAS companies. It streamlines accounting processes and facilitates sharing critical financial data across the company:

Make your data work for you:

  • Track performance (v budget or forecast) across both financial and sales targets
  • Integrate your finance and sales data to create a real-time single view of your business
  • Automate metric and KPI tracking. The system will suggest KPIs based on your sector and stage of growth. This list can be customised in a few clicks.

Automate deferred and accrued revenue

  • Fully automate deferred revenue and accrued revenue, based on the text in your invoice
  • Ensure every financial report recognizes revenue in line with IFRS guidelines
  • Build on deferred revenue to calculate critical KPIs such as customer churn, average spend per customer, Net Revenue, Net Customer Growth and Net Churn

Consolidate across countries or legal entities

  • Consolidate multiple entities with drill down functionality and instant currency conversion
  • Ensure accurate FX rates are used across any currency: US$, GB£, Australian Dollars, Pesos and many other currencies
  • Combine data from multiple accounting systems

Impress your board and investors:

  • Produce beautiful and comprehensive board and investor reports using our professionally designed templates
  • Select from over 100 pre-populated graphs. Click to add them to your presentation.
  • Watch graphs update as your import data from the accounting and sales systems, eliminating the need for cutting and pasting
  • Produce a comprehensive, highly visual reports in less than an hour with your logo and colours
  • Click to share presentations ensuring your teams can always access the data (without the need to email you)

Our mission at ScaleXP is to provide the power of BI systems to all companies, simply and affordably.

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ScaleXP + Xero

ScaleXP fully integrates with Xero as well as your CRM system through API connections. This provides you the flexibility to create the exact reports that you require, without the need to copy + paste.

Data is imported to ScaleXP through the click of a button. The integration is incredibly simple and can be set up in minutes during onboarding. See below for more detail.

Import data automatically from your sales and marketing systems which when integrated with you Xero data provides crucial and actionable insights.

Extend your reporting - easily

  • Integrate reports built on Xero tracking codes into your reports
  • Understand the sales and renewal pipelines through our integrations with your CRM systems
  • Automate your KPI reporting – ARR, MRR, Customer Acquisition Costs, Lifetime Value - saving hours in front of spreadsheets
  • Let your data reveal customer insights garnered across the system

Create a single source of truth:

  • Know where to take action through integrated data
  • Enable collaboration by creating dashboards by team or across teams
  • Stay flexible by updating views in seconds, ensuring they always reflect your business priorities.

Fundraising support:

  • For investor or VC funded companies, ScaleXP can fully support you throughout a fundraising process
  • The system provides a comprehensive suite of metrics with drill down functionality to fully understand calculations - even in the midst of a meeting
  • Ensure the finance team is ahead of the game, even in deep dive due diligence sessions with integrated data.

Together, these sources provide a comprehensive, real-time view of the business.

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Iain Coward

Revenue Recognition Made Easy!

Anyone managing a saas business using xero should really look at this app. It's powerful and clever, and is clearly designed to deliver real time saving solutions for finance professionals. The onboarding was process was extremely quick and professional. When I first saw the accuracy of the MRR calculations coming from invoice data in xero my jaw literally dropped! I'd highly recommend taking a look at this - I think it will take at least 2 days work away from my month end, and take away a lot of human spreadsheet error risk.
Simon Davies

smoooth and stress relieving

I'm a start up CEO and this takes the effort out of understanding how we are doing - also intrigued by all the KPI and metrics I had never thought of... v good
thimo visser
Low effort for great insights. No more time wasted updating spreadsheets and creating presentations!
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