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Automate repetitive bookkeeping tasks, eliminate unnecessary manual data entry, and make time for the work that matters.

Datamolino is best suited for accountants and bookkeepers, and is very useful for any business with large amount of bookkeeping paperwork. Accountants and bookkeepers become more efficient, have more time for their clients and are able to grow their practice with Xero and Datamolino.

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Datamolino + Xero

Datamolino captures the data from invoices and receipts, eliminating the need to enter them manually. It also automates the coding of your invoices. This saves time and effort when posting bills to Xero.

Datamolino + Xero HQ

The Xero HQ integration displays status updates about your client’s paperwork directly in your activity feed. You’ll be notified if documents are ready to be processed or if an export to Xero is long overdue. This allows you to speed up the whole bookkeeping process.

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Maurice Thompson

Great Time Saver

I'm new to Xero and Datamolino. Needed to import historical invoices by line item. Support desk set this up very quickly for me when I contacted them. Processing invoices received offline is now a breeze. Fantastic support from the support team
Christina Ashton

Datamolino - Fabulous Product I wouldn't be without

We have numerous companies set up in Xero and I was looking for a platform that could do line item extraction. This was the initial reason for the purchase. It does this fantastically and so much more!! I didn't realise that I can automate the process so that my bills can fly through to "awaiting approval" (or awaiting payment) now in Xero saving me tons of time by skipping the draft folder in Xero. Credit notes which were awkward in Xero are transformed seamlessly. Customer support was also a concern for me especially with larger software companies has been superb!! Friendly helpful and so quick to get back to me. They have also sent me out random tips that further enhances the experience that I did not even realise it can do. I would say that whatever you purchase Datamolino for you will find it does so much more - I am always finding new ways to use it and make the bill paying process faster and more accurate. Truly love this product and wish I had bought it from day 1 when I set up Xero!
Carlie Watson
Datamalino is remarkably accurate and efficient. I very rarely come across any errors or glitches. One of the big positives is the ability to find duplicates. Customer Service has always been very helpful and responsive. Although I did have quite a few login issues with the introduction of the two-factor authentication, these have now been resolved. I think Datamalino is one of the best on the market and would highly recommend it. Especially for companies processing a high number or invoices/receipts.
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