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Connect Xero and Square to automatically sync your Square transactions and keep track of Square fees, tips, refunds, and more.

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Square + Xero

Connect Xero and Square to automatically sync your Square transactions and keep track of Square fees, tips, refunds, and more.

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Elena Lansing

This lack of integration makes me want to die

I had to hire a second bookkeeper to untangle this mess of an "Integration"
Daniel Vézina
Very poor integration with Xero
Bek Caesar
Square integration with Xero is terrible. Every month, I get issues. Mainly the invoices that are created in Xero by the integration don't always match the deposits. Sometimes it's due to having to match several days' deposits to the one invoice, which is fine, but every month I have issues where they don't match, for no discernible reason. I try working it out myself. Sometimes, the invoice in Xero is for a day's sales minus a refund from two weeks after the invoice date (and it's not in the deposit record for the day). How on earth am I supposed to work that out! If I contact Square for help, they tell me I need to contact Xero. Then I contact Xero and they say I need to contact Square. Beware of Xero's advice to bookkeep the lazy way and just shovel all of the transactions into a suspense account and balance up at the end of the month! If I'd done that, I wouldn't have identified (after many many hours on messages with both Xero and Square Support) that Xero have been including some cash transactions in the invoices where they shouldn't, which is screwing up balancing the invoices and deposits. I really don't like how Xero forces you to choose only certain accounts to use in the integration. I want to set it up a different way to account for a cash clearing account, but I can't with the integration settings, so I have to do half of the process manually which is laborious. I think Advisor roles should be able to choose whichever account they need in order to customise the setup to their preferences. The invoice line items are convoluted and should be simplified. The Square deposit records are also terrible. I was told by Square Support 'I can understand how that would not be ideal for an accountant or bookkeeper'. Who do you think's working with you, mate! Poor performance and Support on both sides of this integration - it really needs to be looked at and rehauled.
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