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Get your invoices paid automatically with GoCardless, the online Direct Debit solution. Take control of your cash flow, automatically reconcile payments within Xero and save hours of admin.

Get paid on time and reconcile invoices automatically.

GoCardless allows you to take control of your payments, ensuring your invoices get paid on time, every time via Direct Debit. With automatic reconciliation in Xero, GoCardless improves your cash flow and reduces your admin. Join over 40,000 businesses and say goodbye to late payments forever.

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GoCardless + Xero

GoCardless gives you:

  • A hassle-free way to pay: You customer can set up a Direct Debit mandate in minutes and then all their future payments will be automatically collected as soon as they are due.

  • A flexible solution for repeat payments: Collect payment for any Xero invoice on time, everytime. Whether fixed or variable amounts and at ad-hoc or fixed schedules it is perfect for invoice and subscription payments.

  • Save hours of admin: Stop chasing customers for payment. Instead, schedule payments and automatically reconcile invoices when payment is collected.

  • Low, transparent pricing: Pay just 1%, with a cost cap per transaction, no set up costs or hidden fees.

Who is it for?

Direct Debit is the ideal payment method for taking recurring payments. Payments can be for fixed amounts (like rent, subscriptions or a retainer fee) or variable, like quarterly invoices for consulting work. If you are sending multiple invoices to the same customer, Direct Debit could be a great payment option for you.

Note: Direct Debit payments take a couple of days to clear, so if you need instant confirmation of funds, we recommend using an alternative payment method. Direct Debit is also not suitable for very high average transactions (greater than £5,000 | US$1,000 | CA$5,000 | AU/NZ$10,000 | €5,000).

How does it work with Xero?

GoCardless for Xero is a dedicated app that connects your Xero account with a GoCardless account.

Once you have integrated your accounts you can use GoCardless for Xero to set up Direct Debit mandates for your Xero customers via a simple online form. You can then collect payment directly from your customer’s bank account automatically on the due date. Payments and invoices are then reconciled automatically in Xero.

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