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Bill.com for Xero is a magically simple bill payment solution that eliminates double data entry and provides paperless A/P and A/R.

Bill.com for Xero eliminates double data entry and provides paperless accounts payable and account receivable. The cloud-based payments platform allows users to approve bills on the go on their mobile device and pay bills electronically with a single click.

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Bill.com + Xero

All payments paid and received are automatically synced to Xero, so no double entry is required to keep your books up to date.

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Chris Kern
New platform falls flat. The management at Bill.com can't explain why a forced migration to a lesser platform makes sense, but having used bill.com for years I'm done. Can't trust this management team to make the right decisions in the future. Whatever their reasoning, this was the New Coke experience when Classic is classic for a reason. Basic features on the old platform are now hidden or missing. The new UI loads slower, doesn't cache as much relevant data to perform searches across the account, basically slows workflow. Absolutely not an upgrade.

Response from Bill.com

@Chris Kern We're sorry to hear that you're not enjoying the new user experience. If you can come to the Support tab in your Bill.com account, we would love to get more feedback so we can keep making strides to continue improving the system.
Richard Loasby
Cumbersome and bug-prone. Support is very poor and blames Xero when after many hours of digging I find the issue was in Bill.com. Charged me double and I am still waiting on a refund. I tried to contact my sales rep with no response. I switched to Plooto wow what a difference seamless integration Easy to use fast and HALF the price I am so glad Bill.com is unresponsive it gave me the opportunity to fin PLOOTO yay.
Laura Rusk
Recently worked with Daniel F. on the Bill.com chat support line today. He was very informative and worked to get my issue resolved when syncing up Bill.com with my Xero Accounting software. Keep up the great work.
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