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Practice Ignition
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Menelaos Glaros

Great Scalablility

This helped me scale my business x 10 as It was all organised and easy for me to focus on more MRR
Bryce Jeffrey

Massive Timesaver

Have used Practice Ignition in my accounting practice for the last three years. Extremely happy with how much time it saves me in both creating standardised engagement letters for my clients as well as collecting payment from them so I don't need to waste productive time chasing debtors. Well worth the 5 stars.
Jack Dixon

PI = Gamechanger

Could rave for days but in short, I'm building out my accounting practice and quite focussed on putting in place great technology infrastructure from day one to minimise growth teething pains later on. Practice Ignition is clever software that on the accountant's side of the desk provides a quick and easy way to invoice in a very presentable way. It can work great as a credit-screening tool for new clients or bad-payers as at the proposal-level, you can specify terms, which may include an upfront deposit for example. It also reduces a lot of admin in terms of creating and sending out invoices, chasing up payments etc. The terms are all put in place upfront so once the client signs on, a lot of the admin side of things becomes very automated. I had hesitations around being able to raise scope-creep conversations with clients (since you've had them agree to an engagement previously), but find that PI is actually educating my clients on what services they are requesting and their inclusions. So long as you put the time into clarifying scope in your service line items, everything becomes very transparent for both parties and it's actually gotten easier to have scope-creep conversations without clients thinking that you're just trying to take advantage. Client experience is very smooth. You can toggle proposals to give them an element of choice in what services they wish to include and what payment schedules/timelines suit them best. And brochures, help videos and branding all make proposals very salesy and sexy. Onboarding was great. They give you a few months of attention with a dedicated member of the team to make sure that you're familiar and confident in using PI and even did things on my behalf like creating a custom sales brochure and configuring some of my templates. It's a great platform to scale and I say honestly that it would be difficult to go back from here.
Cenk Tukel

The best decision: Start using Practice Ignition

Part of the growth plan for our practice was to increase the leads and then convert them to clients. I have tried two different solutions and none were like Practice Ignition. I had 3 criteria: 1) Easiness to use and the support if needed 2) The Client experience. It had to be seamless from proposal to payment. 3) The tracking of the leads and proposals. I can comfortbly say Practice Ignition met all my criteria with flying colors. It is so easy to use once you set it up and the support team is very helpful in the initial set up - I had a real good experience with them. The proposal to engagement process just flows seamlessly. My clients are impressed (especially with the personal video messages that I shoot for them and easily embed to the proposal). They watch my video (a great way to close the sale), see the services and fees, enter their payment details, then simply digitally sign and accept the engagement. All is done so easily by the client, no changing platforms, no back and forth between platforms for signing or payment. I can also track all my clients (even the leads, not just the existing clients for upsells or renewals). The dashboard motives me to see the progress, estimate my future income and stretch me to meet my targets. I can even track which leads opened the proposals sent, how many times, when, etc... This helps me to follow up with them. I had some improvements ideas such as adding options in my proposals (e.g. monthly or annual payment, or with an add-on service), then Practice Ignition team made a big update and added not just this feature but also more that I couldn't think of. In simple terms, I can not imagine working without Practice Ignition. Us as a firm and our clients are all happy with it.
Matthew Peterson

Much improved accounting practice with PI

We moved every client engagement to Practice Ignition almost two years ago, and its revolutionized the way we operate. We hesitated for several years to make the move, and I wish we had done it much sooner. Highly recommended app! Special shout out to our rep, Sarah Courtney, who is amazing and so helpful!
Jackie Adam

Great Customer Support

Practice ignition has both simplified and accelerated the process of creating our proposals. The team have been really helpful and responsive, directing us on how to use the functions of the application to best suit the unique aspects of our business. We have already seen two of our suggested features released for use as well.
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