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    Vend powers the world’s best retail experiences. Grow in-store and online sales, increase profits and reclaim precious time with Vend’s multi-outlet POS and inventory platform. Connect Vend with Xero and let us take care of the accounting for you!


    Vend is the world’s easiest POS to use.

    Vend designed a user-friendly interface that’s fast to use and easy to learn, minimizing training time. Works seamlessly with existing or new hardware. All your data is synced to the cloud and accessible from anywhere.

    Vend’s retail platform offers powerful point-of-sale, inventory management, reporting and customer engagement tools on iPad, Mac or PC. Designed for inventory-based retail, Vend has everything you need to sell, manage, report and grow in every way. Centrally manage your stores in the cloud, and easily add new users, registers, sales channels or locations as you grow. Our award-winning support team knows retail inside-out and is there 24/7 to help whenever you need it.

    “It’s easy to work with all of the features within Vend. We can set things up correctly the first time and it’s so simple for our staff to use.” [Yellow Brick Road] (

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    Vend + Xero

    Vend and Xero sync so easily with each other you’ll never have to think about accounting.

    Automate painful admin tasks and eliminate human error with daily sales and payment totals, cash movements, stock orders, cost-of-goods and contacts flowing easily between the two systems.

    Vend supercharges your Xero reports with visibility into how your business is truly performing, including your real-time profit and loss. Spend less time wrestling with spreadsheets and admin, and more time with your customers.

    With Vend and Xero together you can see more, know more and do more:

    • End of day register closures: Automatically sync daily sales totals, payment type totals and invoices to Xero, ready for bank reconciliation.

    • Cash management: Cash payments, petty cash withdrawals and opening and closing float balances from Vend also automatically sync to Xero.

    • Cost-of-goods-sold (COGS): COGS automatically sync to Xero and are recognized as they are sold.

    • Account sales: Each time you make an account sale, an accounts receivable invoice will automatically post to Xero using customizable payment due dates.

    • Bulk account payments: Pay off multiple account sales or layaways against a single customer in a single transaction in both Vend and Xero.

    • Stock orders: Send supplier inventory orders from Vend to Xero as accounts payable invoices. Keep track of and reconcile any outstanding purchases.

    • Integrated retail: Invoice your customers from either Vend or Xero. Receive payments and manage balances in either platform.

    • Account mapping: Use product level account codes to assign the sales and purchases of products to specific accounts in Xero.

    • Manage contacts: Import Xero customers and suppliers into Vend. Update your customer information in Vend and it will automatically sync to Xero.

    • Track liabilities: Loyalty and gift card transactions post to Xero with register closures for easy management of liability.

    • Tracking Categories: Report on transactions by outlet or channel by mapping Vend to Xero Tracking Categories.

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    Stephen Eyre
    1 out of 5 stars

    Avoid VEND

    Product Good, but after care/support absolutely shocking, quick to take your money, but after that I wish you the very best of luck...
    Shaun McAtamney
    1 out of 5 stars
    Just wondering what all the fuss is about really. If everyone thinks Vend is so good for Xero, would you mind explaining what to do when my client needs help (for example) getting the closing transaction to always match the bank feed? I've been talking to Vend support. They said they have great phone support I can access, but they won't advise on things like account synchronisation between Vend and Xero (apparently an accountant must do that on their own). They also won't send anyone to your door. I quizzed them on this and at first they said they had partners who could help. So I pushed them further on that until they conceded that they could only offer phone support. What happened to the good old days when people actually cared about company reputation?
    Maggi Smith
    4 out of 5 stars
    A client has just started using Vend. Finding integration to Xero good except for credit card payments. Vend sends through total credit card payments as one line item, but there are 2 deposits to the bank account, one for everything except Amex and one for the rest. Only way to reconcile in Xero is to click into the invoice, then click the payment link, and then select Options > Remove & Redo.Then, next to the statement line, please click on Find & Match, then select the relevant invoice, and then click Split to reconcile the part payment. As this happens most days, the bank reconciliation is hardly what I would call automatic. I appreciate that Vend write the integration but Xero do promote the app. Does anyone else have experience with this
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    Accountsshared from Xero to Vend
    Contactsshared from Xero to Vend and from Vend to Xero
    Credit Notesshared from Vend to Xero
    Invoicesshared from Xero to Vend and from Vend to Xero
    Manual Journalsshared from Vend to Xero
    Paymentsshared from Xero to Vend and from Vend to Xero
    Tax Ratesshared from Xero to Vend

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