Relay is banking designed to make paying bills and reconciling accounts fast, easy, and reliable. The only solution to auto-sync your banking data with Xero in real-time.

    Finally, a bank that makes your accounting easier, not harder. And, gives you better visibility into your money.

    With Relay, you get all the features you would expect from your bank and so much more, including a powerful integration with Xero.

    Want better visibility into your money? Relay helps you stay on top of your cashflow with as many bank accounts as you need, without the monthly fees or minimum balances.

    Need more control over your team’s spending? Relay lets you easily issue physical or virtual Mastercard debit cards with spending limits.

    Want to spend less time on payables? By integrating with Xero, Relay gives you access to your unpaid bills, allows you to set-up approval workflows, and pay suppliers via ACH, wire, or check.

    Need to collaborate with your accountant or bookkeeper? Relay lets you invite them with assigned permissions.

    Want to close the books faster and with more confidence? Relay shares a direct bank feed with Xero and sends reliable, enriched transaction data (including category) in real-time.

    We know that delightful banking features to help you manage your money, payments, and bookkeeping aren’t enough. You need to trust the bank that you’re working with. That’s why we’ve partnered with time-tested institutions Evolve Bank & Trust and Mastercard to deliver banking that is as secure as it is easy to use.

    • FDIC insured up to $250,000 per business
    • Protected by Mastercard Zero Liability Policy
    • Two-factor authentication and biometric security

    Are you ready for banking designed to help you grow your business?

    Explore all features of Relay

    Relay + Xero

    Relay shares a bi-directional connection with Xero to help you spend less time paying bills and reconciling accounts.

    It automatically pulls in unpaid bills from Xero and allows you to set-up approval workflows and pay suppliers via ACH, wire, or check.

    It also has a direct bank feed into Xero, and shares reliable, enriched transaction data (including category) in real-time.

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    Laura Pilkington
    So very impressed with Relay - set up only took minutes! Customer service was highly responsive, and we love how nicely it plays with Xero. We are now recommending it to all of our clients and they love it!
    Joshua Lance
    Relay is the best business bank out there. We use it for our firm and we have many clients using it as well. It has a ton of great features- online bill pay, virtual cards, and accountant access to name a few. Its integration with Xero is perfect-- not only do we get a robust bank feed, the integration with Accounts Payable makes paying bills super easy. I highly recommend!
    Kristin Disbrow
    Relay Financial is the perfect solution for the online entreprenuers that I work with. I even use it myself for my firm's business banking. They have amazing customer support and are focused on innovation. The Xero > Relay integration works seemlessly.
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