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Practice Ignition
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Scott Lindqvist

More time saved

At Outcome Accounting we have been using PI for a few years now. We started very slowly but it has now become part of our culture. We love how clients have taken to signing our engagements online and it has assisted us in increasing cashflow. What did we ever do without PI. There is no looking back from here.
Nicola Sorrell

Falling in love all over again!

I've been a user of PI for 3 years - but I have just had a full catch-up with my Account Manager and learned about the new Proposal Editor - and I LOVE IT! It will be a complete gamechanger as I work on re-pricing my client base.
Susan Milicevic

Love it!

I have been a PI user for years now. We use both the quoting and payment functions. Whilst the collection payment has some issues in terms of timing (a bit slow) we simply don't have any debt collection issues and my cash flow has improved significantly! It has also made our commitment to quote for all work so much more enjoyable and something we can stick to. A once hated and avoided task is now a pleasure! Using PI has also streamlined our workflows with XPM. My team and our clients love PI...I just wouldn't be without it!
Bill Mancer

Overall Experience

We have been using PI for 3 years, and it has been a great timesaver for our business. The integration works well, the ability to bill and collect in a timely manner enhances the business, and when there is an issue, the response times are prompt.
Margaret Trost

Great for tracking where proposals and billing is

Just love that we can see who has been billed and for which services. Love the way we get paid for our work in a timely manner. The subscription billing is great for cash flow.
Jacob Hitchiner
Changing from Go Proposal to PI, I love the seamless integrated payment facility!
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