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Dext Prepare
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As of 24th February 2021, Receipt Bank has changed to Dext Prepare. Reviews prior to this may still refer to the previous app name.
Asem Din

Really Helpful

It's a great selling point with our client, really helps to show clients how valuable you are to them, with time saving and also being up to date with the latest technologies.
Steph Jones

Has saved my clients & I hours of time

I love this app. My clients love this app. Using Receipt Bank and Xero has save my clients & I hours of time each month, and made working together easier and more efficiently. Thank you Receipt Bank
Ryan Pearcy

Has changed how we work

Receipt Bank enabled us to fundamentally change our relationship with our clients for the better. Getting access to their data quicker, automating the process of entering it and focusing on review ensured we had more time to focus on accuracy and enhanced services. Can't say much more. It was a game changer for us.
Christiaan Hoek

My clients love Receipt Bank

We serve clients over a large geographical area in Namibia. Receipt Bank has made life a lot easier for my clients and my staff.
Jarrod Killey

Xero & Receipt Bank

Xero & Receiptbank work really well together, receipt bank adds certainty to the data your bookkeeper and accountant rely on
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