Save checks. Print checks. Connect to Xero, find a bill to pay and print a check or have Checkeeper mail them for you.

    No special paper, no fancy ink, no complicated software. Print on your home or office printer today. Have your own check stock? Checkeeper works with virtually any pre-printed check stock as well.

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    Checkeeper + Xero

    Pay outstanding invoices with Checkeeper and Xero is automatically updated with check payment information.

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    Kerry Bohannon
    Was considering this as the perfect low-cost solution to my need to pay vendors who only accept checks until I had one issue, which they fixed immediately, even responding to me on a weekend to tell me about it. So I'm changing my two star review to five stars.
    Stavros Makris
    Does it print payroll checks?
    Michael Tan
    Canadian based xero user. We print about 20-40 cheques a week. Our team has been using Checkeeper for at least a year while waiting for Xero to allow Canadian companies to print checks natively. I do know Xero has recently released this feature for Canada (dont know what took so long), and will reassess whether we need Checkeeper. Checkeeper works pretty well. Can print a cheque without a prior bill in Xero posted or will search Xero to pay any posted bills. Perfect! Can choose which account you are writing the check out of as well. Big Con: Can cut cheques from any bank account, but checkeeper doesnt track it for you. It doesnt split or filter your payments by bank account. It essentially keeps a running listing of what cheques you have printed via Checkeeper. We print cheques primarily in CAD but do have Canadian based, USD bank accounts. We had previously used Checkeeper only for our primary Canadian account, and used handwritten cheques for our USD payments. Now that Xero has released native cheque payments, we may transition Checkeeper to print USD cheques going forward, as Xero only allows you to print cheques in your base currency. If I were operating in one currency only, or just one bank account, it'd be 5 stars.
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