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Sab Escubillo
Posted 16 Dec 2022
3 out of 5 stars
Is it possible to generate payables with check number in Xero?
Egbert Ian Salta
Posted 4 Oct 2021
1 out of 5 stars

Cancelled Subscription but They KEEP Charging my Credit Card

Due to downsizing operation of one of our clients, we cancelled the subscription since September but it keeps charging our account October and might still continue. The support does not respond and they have no action on this matter. This could be a potential scam app developer, beware... Until the two months charge has been reverted back to my account, this will remain as 1 star

Response from Checkeeper

Hi Egbert, thanks for being a Checkeeper customer for almost two years! Sorry that a subscription mistake made you believe we were a scam app and that we are worthy of only 1 star. I took a look at our records and you contacted us Oct 4th at 3:30am requesting a refund and we responded and issued the refund as requested on Oct 4th at 9:45am.
Kerry Bohannon
Posted 10 Nov 2018
5 out of 5 stars
Was considering this as the perfect low-cost solution to my need to pay vendors who only accept checks until I had one issue, which they fixed immediately, even responding to me on a weekend to tell me about it. So I'm changing my two star review to five stars.
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Stavros Makris
Posted 31 May 2016
Does it print payroll checks?

Response from Checkeeper

It sure does! Checkeeper can also connect with Gusto to import your payroll and make payday even easier. Payroll checks can be mailed directly to employees and contractors or bundled together and mailed to your office directly for distribution on Fridays.
Michael Tan
Posted 5 Feb 2016
4 out of 5 stars
Canadian based xero user. We print about 20-40 cheques a week. Our team has been using Checkeeper for at least a year while waiting for Xero to allow Canadian companies to print checks natively. I do know Xero has recently released this feature for Canada (dont know what took so long), and will reassess whether we need Checkeeper. Checkeeper works pretty well. Can print a cheque without a prior bill in Xero posted or will search Xero to pay any posted bills. Perfect! Can choose which account you are writing the check out of as well. Big Con: Can cut cheques from any bank account, but checkeeper doesnt track it for you. It doesnt split or filter your payments by bank account. It essentially keeps a running listing of what cheques you have printed via Checkeeper. We print cheques primarily in CAD but do have Canadian based, USD bank accounts. We had previously used Checkeeper only for our primary Canadian account, and used handwritten cheques for our USD payments. Now that Xero has released native cheque payments, we may transition Checkeeper to print USD cheques going forward, as Xero only allows you to print cheques in your base currency. If I were operating in one currency only, or just one bank account, it'd be 5 stars.
Marlon Wambeek
Posted 12 Nov 2015
4 out of 5 stars
Review: Checkeeper, Print Cheques Online ( Checkeeper is a fantastic Addon that integrates with Xero to provide a solution for an aged process of issuing cheques and makes it all fancy and new. I remember, going back now almost 17 years when I first started out in accounts back in the late 90’s. How almost every payment was made via cheque, and it was quite rare to make electronic payments. The process was time consuming and depending on the size of the business month end payments could take almost a day processing and writing up and then mailing cheques. I’m sure some of us older readers remember those days, and not always fondly. Please read the full review (
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