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Automate invoice chasing and streamline your accounts receivable process. Get paid faster. Reduce days sales outstanding. Maintain great customer relationships. Xero App Partner of the Year 2016 & App Partner of the Month August 2019. Three-time Cloud App of the Year winner (2017-2019, AWEB Awards)

Chaser is Xero’s leading accounts receivable app and is designed for businesses selling on payment terms. Chaser users:

  • Get invoices paid 16+ days sooner
  • Save 15+ hours per week on accounts receivable tasks
  • Reduce days sales outstanding by 25% +
  • Maintain great customer relationships

Why connect Chaser and Xero

  • Automate without losing the human-touch

    • Ensure customers never know you’re using an automated system, with chasers sent from your usual email address, with your regular email signature and branding
    • Match your business’ communication style with fully customisable reminder templates
    • Personalise every reminder automatically, by pulling in desired data, such as customer names, amount owed and due dates
  • Make it easier for customers to pay you

    • Give all your customers access to a dedicated Payment Portal, with automatic payment reconciliation in Xero
    • Offer multiple payment options to suit your customers’ needs in one location, including instant card payments
    • Reduce your time on payment admin, as all relevant documentation and details are readily available to customers in their portal
    • Keep customers informed with full visibility on accounts payable and previous payments
    • Improve communications by easily adding notes and contact details to customers’ portals
  • Optimise your accounts receivable process

    • Build great customer relationships, with automated ‘thank you’ messages on receipt of payments
    • Avoid bombarding customers, by automatically grouping multiple invoices into a single reminder
    • Identify areas for improvement with real-time reports on your AR performance
    • Gain a better understanding of customer payment behaviours with your customer insights report
    • Make informed decisions on which customers to continue granting credit to, with your risk report
    • Escalate problem invoices easily to Chaser’s friendly and experienced in-house collections team
  • Schedule payment reminders at the best time

    • Create unlimited custom schedules that suit your different groups of customers, such as good payers, bad payers, or long-term clients
    • Schedule as many payment reminders as you require, at intervals you choose
    • Select the best days and times to send reminders and automatically avoid sending reminders outside working hours, on weekends or bank holidays
    • Escalate the sender of payment reminders to a more senior figure automatically, when customers haven’t paid after a specified period
  • Keep track of all chasing activity in one place

    • View a consolidated communication history for every invoice and every customer in your CRM
    • Capture all reminders sent and all replies from customers automatically
    • Reconcile with your accounting system automatically, so you never chase a paid invoice
    • Include notes from phone calls, set reminders, and assign follow up tasks to your teammates
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Chaser + Xero

Chaser connects and syncs with the data in your Xero account in just 2-minutes. We securely import the following data from Xero automatically: your company information, customers, invoices, credit notes, payments, overpayments.

Your Chaser account syncs with Xero automatically: every hour, before any payment reminder is sent, and on-demand to ensure you're always working with the most up-to-date information.

Keep both systems up to date, automatically: the two-way integration between Xero and Chaser means updates made in Chaser are reflected in your Xero account, too.

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Camilla Walley

It's a no-brainer!

Chaser has completely revolutionised how we manage credit control within our organisation. It is easy to use and is helping us to get ahead of potential problems and collect cash faster. I can't rate it highly enough. And on top of that we have received excellent support and customer service from Chaser's support team!
Hinal Kotecha

A Problem Preventer

Besides being easy to use, having great customer support, and integrating seamlessly with accounting systems - this system really helps us stay on top of our A/R real-time so we have multiple touchpoints that stop it from becoming a big problem before its too late. I love that it sends us email reminders so we don't forget about chases/can modify for unwanted follow-ups, and prompts me to fill in any missing info.
Monica Stevens

Excellent programme!

In our company we are using Chaser to chase unpaid invoices and it is proving very popular. We believe that it improves communication between us and our customers, who are politely reminded to pay our unpaid invoices. The automated process is great as it has pre-set times and dates for chasing, meaning that we do not need to keep the dates in mind and we do not need to circle them in our paper calendars. Overall, it is a very efficient programme and would recommend getting it.
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