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Perfect for consultancies, graphic designers, web studios and engineers. Roll is the fastest and easiest workflow management tool on the market. Get full visibility and control of your business!

Roll captures leads and opportunities, manages projects and tasks, tracks time and keeps track of every projects financial position. Roll has fast and efficient process meaning your team and contractors spend less time on admin and more time delivering projects. Because Roll tracks project financial data and forecasts future revenue, it is able to provide managers and business owners with visibility and control over the business.

Roll is perfect for creative businesses, consultancies, digital agencies, civil engineers and other services based businesses.

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Roll + Xero

With the Xero integration, you can create and send invoices directly out of Roll and they appear immediately in your Xero account. No need to switch to Xero when it comes time to invoice. Alternatively, you can start an invoice in Roll and pick it up in Xero, finalise it and send it to the client.

All contact information is also synchronised between your Roll and Xero accounts eliminating rekeyeing of client data.

The Roll and Xero combination is extremely powerful. Roll provides estimates of financial performance for the current month and forecasts revenue for the next 6 months. Xero looks at previous months actual revenue. Together you've got a powerful combination.

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David Remmerswaal
Roll has helped me to create structure and scale in my business. It helps me to keep track of my live projects, leads, team, customer details and invoices all in one place. Most importantly it is simple to use and the support is great.
Jeff Allen
Roll has allowed me to easily manage my workflow with a minimium of fuss. Simple gui allows you to see all the data you need while managing leads/quotes and invoices. While I do not use all the functions in Roll the ability to pick and choose the features I want to use is a great benefit. Highly recommend Roll to anyone after a simple easy to use system that synchronises seamlessly with xero.
Frank Demaria
Roll has completely changed the way I manage my business. As a freelance designer, it allows me to easily keep track of all of the projects I am working on, and gives me full visibility of where and how I am spending my time. It's simple enough to use, but has all the functionality I need. Support is also fantastic. Well done
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