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Designed for equipment / machinery manufacturers & dealers, Flowlens cloud MRP, CRM, Service & Reporting provides one place to run your business.

Flowlens is user-friendly cloud-based MRP and CRM software for SME equipment manufacturing and dealer businesses. With an affordable monthly subscription, and expert implementation services to help you get started, Flowlens will transform your team, save time and grow sales.

Flowlens helps you plan stock requirements and avoid shortages that halt builds and cashflow. With product serial numbers, supplier part numbers, bill of materials, integrated purchase orders, customer service & sales CRM tools, Flowlens provides everything that you need.

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Flowlens + Xero

Flowlens works with Xero, with user-friendly, seamless data transfer, saving you time and avoiding rekeying errors and problems.

Sales Invoices and Purchases can be created seamlessly in Xero, from Sales and Purchasing information stored in Flowlens. When you make a payment in Flowlens, the payment status can be refreshed to keep your credit control reports up to date and in sync.

Flowlens can also push Customer/Supplier details to Xero, so you don't need to key these in twice, and it keeps your Nominal Accounts and Tax Rates in sync with Xero too.

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