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Current RMS

By Current RMS
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Powerful cloud equipment rental management system, built for the Audio Visual, Events and Broadcast sectors, managing the entire rental cycle, from any device, and location.
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Cloud Rental Management Software, Current RMS, has been built for the AV, Events and Broadcast rental industries. It manages the entire rental cycle, from taking an initial inquiry, to scanning items out onto a job, through to quoting and invoicing, all from one centralized system. Available on any device, Current RMS speeds up the day-to-day tasks involved in managing a rental business, and streamlines the entire process from start to finish. Full training and support, automatic updates, and secure data back ups are included as part of the Current RMS package.

Current RMS
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Current RMS + Xero

There are four key parts to the Current RMS integration with Xero:

1. Create links between organizations in Current and contacts in Xero.
When creating an organization in Current, a new linked contact is automatically created in Xero, eradicating the need for double entry. Plus, update an organization in Current, and the contact will automatically be updated in Xero too.

2. Import and export organizations.
Use the import and export options in Current RMS to export organizations to Xero, or import Xero contacts into Current. Extremely handy when changes are made in one program, that you want reflected in the other.

3. Post invoices and credits straight to Xero.
Once the two programs are integrated, post the invoice you've created in Current RMS, directly across to Xero.

4. Log payments in Current that have been posted to Xero.
Log all payments received against invoices posted across to Xero, using the 'Take Payment' option in Current.

Reviews & ratings

4.9 out of 5 stars
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Most recent reviews

Lisa Kenward
Posted 17 Feb 2016
Thanks for all the fantastic reviews above, we really do appreciate you taking the time out to review our integration and Current RMS. Rowan, I know we went through your requests after you posted the above review last year but I just wanted to provide you and other users with an update on the feature requests you've put forward. Job Costing has now been released to all of our users and the API is in testing, one of the Product Specialists will be in touch tomorrow with further information. Many thanks Lisa Kenward, Business Manager @ Current RMS
Rowan Brandreth
Posted 2 Nov 2015
4 out of 5 stars
Decent software with potential. The quoting part is fairly quick and easy and if you only hire your own stock it's really easy to track inventory levels. There are some features which should improve it a lot – costing is due Q1 2016 which will greatly improve the software for companies (like us) who cross-hire regularly and want to track the profit of full productions, as opposed to just the revenue from a job (with no profit estimate at the end). What I really like is the customer service – just had a 90 minute conversation with them giving frank feedback which seems to being taken on board. They have a small customer services team, so it’s nice to be able to contact the same people, and by phone, not online support tickets. Features I like: -Inventory tracking for individual items -Speed of quoting -Scheduling staff/vehicles -Producing documentation (quotes, invoices, rental agreements) quickly Features I would like to see / see improved: -Job costing (due Q1 2016) -Rental website integration API (due Q4 2015) -Better handling of packages (currently does not track availability of packages, only the components of it. Also does not calculate package weights in the inventory) Integration with Xero works well. It’s pretty simple really – invoices can be posted to Xero and contact details can be synced. I’d recommend a rental company to give it a try…if you find features it lacks, just tell them and they’ll probably develop it soon!
Tim Bullerjahn
Posted 3 Aug 2015
5 out of 5 stars
We have been using Current RMS with the Xero integration for several months now. Being in the rental business we have struggled finding a well rounded system to use. Current RMS has somehow managed to provide a very powerful and flexible system to cater for many different ways we rent and sell our products. Already using Xero originally, we have had a very seamless integration. We also use Stripe integrated to Xero, so all of our invoices can be sent off and paid online by the customer. Current RMS has also recently updated the system to allow cash payments directly from Current RMS and syncing it to Xero without the need of logging in separately. I would highly recommend Current RMS, Xero and Stripe as a solution for basically any rental/hire business.

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