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Get up to £100m in capital fee-free by turning your revenue contracts into tradable assets. Access working capital for growth whenever you need it by connecting Xero to Pipe. Whether you’re looking to smooth out cash flow or scale up your business, Pipe makes it possible without dilution.
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Pipe is the world’s first revenue trading platform. When you connect your Xero account with Pipe, you can turn your future revenue streams into up-front capital to scale without dilution. Finance inventory, marketing, hiring, or whatever you need to grow your business.

With the Pipe and Xero integration, you can get a trading limit within a couple of clicks so you know exactly how much growth capital you can access, instantly. You decide how much you want to trade and you trade only if and when you need capital.

Key features:

#1. Financing based on the health of your business Pipe uses accounting data from Xero and your banking and billing connections to give you access to non-dilutive capital based on your revenue—no paperwork, no personal guarantees, no month-long approval process. Just fast, frictionless financing when you need it.

#2. Easy access to growth capital It takes just a few clicks to trade your revenue streams on Pipe and the funds are deposited directly into your bank account. Once you’re connected, you can choose the revenue you want to trade and turn it into up-front capital within 24 hours. Trade once, weekly or whenever it’s best for you, it’s up to you.

#3. Dynamic trading limit Secure live data integrations keep your numbers up to date so your trading limit reflects the health of your business in real time. That means you can access as much capital as possible at the best possible bid price from institutional investors on our platform. As you grow your revenue, your trading limit is automatically updated.

Pipe + Xero

Benefits of connecting Xero and Pipe:

Make the most of your accounting data by leveraging it to access dilution-free capital. There’s no need to write pitches, proposals, or applications when you need funds. Just click and trade instantly.

When you connect Xero and Pipe, you can get up-front capital exactly when you need it.

Focus your time and energy on running your business, not managing investors or fundraising.

Improve cash flow and finance the next step in your business’s growth.

Use Pipe’s recurring-revenue financing to scale a bootstrapped business, or use it side-by-side with equity or loans to extend your runway and minimise dilution.

As you grow your business and bring in new revenue streams, they’re automatically added to your trading limit. Pipe is the growth partner that grows with you.

Your Pipe trades and payments can be automatically added into Xero for faster, easier accounting without manual data entry.

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