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By BizzCtrl
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Automate your accounts receivables from invoicing to cash in the bank. Get paid and get paid faster with a Xero integrated collection process. Have full transparency and control over our ethical, low cost and convenient collection process. Choose which partner agency suits your needs in seconds.
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GetPaid is the only app connecting SMEs on Xero to debt collection agencies via our market place, allowing them to collect unpaid invoices.

GetPaid users:

  • Avoid more than 70% write offs
  • Clear the backlog in circa 4 weeks
  • Receive collected money direct in their bank account
  • Reduce the effort of finding and negotiating support to a few seconds
  • Free up hours to focus on growth rather than chasing
  • Enjoy free, state-of-the art tips to prevent overdue receivables

Why connect to GetPaid?

  • Automate, but stay in control The process is end to end from your Xero account via our GetPaid app to the debt collection agency of your choice. You decide with a few clicks by invoice where and when you need support. It takes less than 30 seconds.

  • Get instant professional help to get paid All our collection partners have pre-negotiated prices and contracts with us. You know up front what you will be charged if the collection is successful. Within 30 seconds, you get an invoice into the collection process.

  • Decide what works best for you within seconds Our collection partners have different strength, some in amicable solutions, some in litigation, etc. In just a few clicks you choose what works best for you.

  • Tap into professional recovery Most debt collection agencies don’t accept single invoices and definitely not at competitive commissions. We removed this problem for you as we give our debt collection agencies high volume. So you get what blue chip companies enjoy for a long time.

  • Keep an overview at your fingertips Once you have instructed an agency, you can follow the progress from "Instructed" to "Paid" on your status screen in GetPaid. No need to call or email anyone.

  • Ethical collections only - we work with the best partners Our partners are carefully vetted before being allowed on our panel and have a very ethical approach. It is about finding a solution for payments and keeping the customer relationship.

  • Speed up your process What took weeks, to get professional support from debt collection agencies or solicitors can be done within a few seconds. This increases the chance of collecting and gives you valuable time back to grow your business.

  • Reduce your account receivable to a minimal amount Apply our top tips for ‘prevention’ and how to automate the ‘reminder’ phase and connect our app for what did not get paid. Now you cover the whole process professionally. With the tips you remove reasons for non-payment, with automation the reminder phase is less than a month long and the rest will we have taken care of by professionals. The result is a few unpaid invoices here and then.

  • Low cost As we are able to bundle a few invoices from a high number of clients in a fully automated process, our business partners are able to offer commission rates well below market level. Enjoy what only large companies have today.

GetPaid + Xero

The GetPaid app is using standard Xero authentication and API integration which should provide a smooth user experience. We only use data that's relevant to our app, which is primarily Contacts and Invoice details, they are key to the overviews, dashboards and insights provided in the app, which provides you with the relevant information to make informed and smart decisions on your overdue invoices.

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Matthew Gambold
Posted 18 Jan 2024
5 out of 5 stars

Great solution to a common problem

Incredibly intuitive and easy to use app which helped solve a decade old problem for us - namely how to easily engage professionals to chase unpaid invoices where traditional credit control methods have failed.
One person found this review helpful.
Louise Handley
Posted 17 Jan 2024
5 out of 5 stars

So easy!

I honestly don’t know of an easier and more cost effective way of collecting debts, and without the heavy handedness that comes with some ‘debt’ companies, great app!
One person found this review helpful.
Andrew Athineos
Posted 3 Oct 2023
5 out of 5 stars

Great Tool!!

This app and tool is very easy to use - simply with a click of a few buttons, you can instruct and get your invoices recovered without the need of time consuming researching.

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