Collect your invoice payments by Direct Debit and reconcile them automatically in Xero using Eazy Collect's simple invoice collection solution

    Eazy Collect's Direct Debit app automates payment collection for your invoices. The complete end-to-end process from raising the invoice, to payment collection and payment logging becomes completely automated.

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    Once the Direct Debit system is linked to your Xero Invoice Them, a 'Pay by Direct Debit' button is added to all emailed invoices, allowing customers to do a one-time DD setup. Thereafter, all future invoices raised on that Invoice them for that customer will be collected by Direct Debit and successful payments automatically marked as Paid with Xero. It's a huge timesaver, and if you prefer, you can setup the Direct Debit on behalf of your customer, making payment even easier for them. A perfect way to automate recurring invoices and payment.

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