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By Crezco
4.9 out of 5 stars
Xero's best-rated payments app. Collect payments instantly for free or bulk-pay your suppliers and employees, no matter where they are.
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November 2021
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Invoicing and jobs


Crezco is an open banking payment solution for online invoice payments up to £1,000,000. Crezco initiates domestic and international bank-to-bank transfers seamlessly and securely. Funds arrive in seconds, and payments instantly reconcile within Xero.

Collect payments

Get paid sooner for free by offering your customers a secure and convenient checkout solution via Crezco. Crezco automatically adds a payment link to your invoices, ensuring you are paid on time to the correct bank account. In addition, account-to-account payments are reconciled automatically within Xero.

By using Crezco to collect payments, on average you:

  • get paid seven days faster
  • save ten hours per month on reconciliation
  • save £350 per month in payment fees

Make payments

Import your contacts and invoices automatically from Xero to Crezco and pay all your suppliers or employees from a single bank authentication.

By using Crezco to make payments you:

  • save ten hours per month paying all your suppliers in one click
  • improve your sharing process by allowing staff to create batch payments and share them with management
  • save money on payment fees

Go Global

Collect or make payments in 70+ currencies and 100+ countries securely and efficiently track your payments. No e-wallets, V-IBANs, or foreign currency accounts are required, and transactions are securely processed from one bank account to another. In addition, Crezco provides you with the best foreign exchange rates available.

By using Crezco for international transactions you:

  • get the best foreign exchange rates available
  • pay directly into your supplier's bank account in the right currency
  • get better visibility on your payment status
  • get no additional bank fees for sending internationally
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Crezco + Xero

Crezco securely connects to your Xero account to enable itself as the payment solution for your invoices and to read and update information as appropriate. Examples include reading the amount due on an invoice to assure the checkout page displays the correct information. Following the transaction Crezco will update the invoice as paid and record the payment as a transaction against a nominated account within Xero to aide reconciliation.

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4.9 out of 5 stars
230 Reviews

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Most recent reviews

Benjamin Lindley
Posted 23 May 2024
2 out of 5 stars

AI Fake Reviews?

Pages and pages of 5-star reviews - are these faked? They all look so perfectly full of keywords. Where are the spelling mistakes? Where are the imperfectly formed sentences? I'd be wary...
Daniel Sanders
Posted 23 Apr 2024
1 out of 5 stars

Bring back Wise!!!

It has issue's processing depending on network, if making multiple payments over 25k it splits them making it impossible to reconcile, it doesnt send as company name, it sends as name on card.
One person found this review helpful.
Martin Atkinson
Posted 20 Mar 2024
1 out of 5 stars
Absolutely awful, tried several time to set up payments each time failed. What was wrong with Wise? I'd post zero stars if I could.
4 people found this review helpful.

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