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Connect to your Point of Sale, automatically create a Xero invoice with a breakdown of sales, payments, discounts and more.


Appropo is a digital platform for hospitality (cafe, restaurant, bar), online ordering, online payments, customer loyalty and segment customer by spending habits.

View sales trends, popular items, identify quiet times. Then create discounts and rewards to improve customer loyalty and retention. We can help you make good marketing decisions backed by data.

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Appropo + Xero

Appropo creates a daily Xero (draft) invoice using your businesses Point of Sale Cash Summary.

Customise the Accounts for Food and Beverage Sales, and cash, eftpos, Visa, etc, Discounts, Credit Notes, Gift Cards and Vouchers. You can then reconcile your sales, eftpos payouts, cash deposits and gift card liability.

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Added in 2021
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