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Cimplico Sync

By Cimplico
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Automatic multi-entity synchronisation of invoices and contacts from one Xero Group file to related Xero Satellite files in real-time.
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2 years
July 2021
Key functions
Invoicing and jobs
Debtor tracking


Cimplico Sync solves the problem of multi-entity / multi-disciplinary firms who wish to maintain a centralised contact database for invoice entry with invoices posting to the appropriate separate Xero organisation. This app is particularly suited to accounting and professional service firms who use Xero Practice Manager and maintain separate legal entities for their professional work.

Cimplico Sync
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Cimplico Sync + Xero

When an invoice is created or updated in your consolidated ‘Group’ Xero file (or via XPM) and assigned to a ‘Satellite’ (a separate legal entity), Cimplico Sync will automatically sync this to the appropriate ‘Satellite’ Xero file. Cimplico Sync will not only create or update an Invoice, but also the other information used on an invoice, such as: Contacts, Payments, Credit Notes, and Accounts. Prepayments and Overpayments will be coming soon!

We also provide you with a helpful events dashboard to search, sort, and filter through your synced invoices in real-time, with the ability to open specific invoices directly in both the ‘Group’ and ‘Satellite’ Xero files.

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Cimplico Sync
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Invoicing and jobsDebtor tracking


Professional servicesAccounting

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By Cimplico
Added in 2021


Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, United States




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