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Microsoft Outlook
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Magnus Hammar

Phone numbers?

It seems to only sync name and email, but not address or phone number. Why?
Heather Zager

Phone number

Yup, does not sync the phone numbers - fatal flaw and now rendering it useless. I put in a ticket with Xero just to make sure they know so if it's still not working when you read this two months from now then what does that tell ya? :)
Andor Rosenberg

No phone numbers

Sync works as promised, one way into a folder in Outlook. However, phone numbers are missing.
Allan Thornton
Attempted to sync my Xero Contacts with Google Contacts which is not syncing phone numbers, so I thought I'd try connecting Microsoft Outlook. It seems Xero is incapable of syncing phone numbers as my Xero Contacts synced with Outlook haven't synced the phone numbers across. 2 stars as everything else syncs, just not phone numbers.
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