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By GoCardless
3.7 out of 5 stars
End late payments. Automatically debit your customer’s bank account whenever your Xero invoices are due. Lower-cost alternative to card payments.
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February 2015
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Collecting regular payments like invoices and subscriptions can be painful - but it doesn’t need to be. GoCardless is made for recurring payments and puts you in control of when you get paid. Join over 60,000 businesses worldwide and say goodbye to chasing late payments, hidden costs and manual admin.

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GoCardless + Xero

Get paid faster with GoCardless for Xero

  • End late payments Take control when you get paid and cut out the stress of chasing unpaid bills.

  • Predictable cash flow Payments are collected automatically as soon as your invoices are due.

  • Less bookkeeping Payments are automatically reconciled against your Xero invoices, saving you hours on admin.

  • Transparent fees Low, pay-per-transaction fee. Avoid the markups and hidden fees of card networks. Low cost cap on domestic payment fees.

  • International payments Collect payments in international currency, receive payout in your home currency with no mark-up on foreign exchange. See the pricing page for details.

Who is it for?

GoCardless is made for businesses that bill their customers on a recurring basis. It’s ideal for collecting payment for both intermittent and repeating invoices as well as subscriptions, retainers and instalments.

How does GoCardless work?

GoCardless is a bank-to-bank payment method. It uses Direct Debit, ACH and PAD to automatically collect payments directly from your customer’s bank account.

Your customers only need to enter their payments details once, and that’s it. You’re authorised to collect all future payments without further action from your customer.

The amount you charge and when you charge can be fixed or flexible. In fact, it’s linked to the amount and due date on the Xero invoice you’ve sent your customer. Payments happen frictionlessly in the background.

How does it work with Xero?

Simple setup You can create an account from this page or directly within Xero. Once connected to Xero, it’s simple and secure to set your customers up to pay via GoCardless. Then, just send out your invoices and GoCardless can automatically collect payment when they are due.

One-click reconciliation Once invoice payment has been collected via GoCardless, the invoice is marked as ‘paid’ and an expense transaction is added for the GoCardless fee. Reconciling your payment can then be done with a single click!

Reviews & ratings

3.7 out of 5 stars
166 Reviews

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Most recent reviews

Laura Kerry
Posted 19 Jun 2024
1 out of 5 stars

horrible service from go cardless. should be called go careless

their customer service is attrocious. 3 months of stuffing around to get a pay out. they dont read documents they ask you attach. multiple people replying and not reading history. a complete waste of my time and so frustrating. do NOT recommend this company what so ever
One person found this review helpful.
Emari Thomas
Posted 30 May 2024
1 out of 5 stars

Account Closure

Despite providing all the necessary documentation and having my account fully verified, my account was suddenly closed after the first payment without any warning or explanation. The lack of communication from their customer service team has been particularly frustrating. I would strongly advise anyone considering this GoCardless to think twice. The risk of unexplained account closure, combined with poor customer support, makes it a very unreliable partner for any business. There are other providers out there with more transparent practices and better support.
One person found this review helpful.
allen childs
Posted 18 May 2024
1 out of 5 stars

Worst Experience of my Professional Life

Xero should reconsider promoting GoCardless as a business partner due to serious concerns about their operations. I set up GoCardless as my ACH provider and processed my first invoice through them. Although the payment was collected, I received an email from GoCardless within 48 hours stating that my account was under review and funds would be withheld for approximately 48 hours. However, despite repeated emails and phone calls over the next two weeks, the review was not completed, and no money was transferred to my account. After one final phone call, I was informed that the review was completed, but unsatisfactorily, and my account was being closed. This left me without access to my money, which amounted to $5,350.00. Despite further attempts to resolve the issue, including my client requesting a refund, there has been no response from GoCardless. Additionally, since it was an ACH transaction, my bank is unable to assist. This experience, which appears to be a recurring issue based on numerous reviews, suggests that GoCardless engages in questionable business practices. Xero should intervene, given that they recommend GoCardless. Using this company could result in significant frustration and financial loss. I strongly advise against using GoCardless. I hate that I have to give a 1 star because a 1 star is to good of a rating.
2 people found this review helpful.

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By GoCardless
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