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batch2sepa is a conversion tool that takes Xero batches and turns them into SEPA-compliant XML files for making payments and requesting direct debits.


With SEPA payment files becoming more commonly supported across European banks, Xero users can now convert their batch payments and direct debit requests to SEPA XMLs from their books, and upload them directly into their banks.

batch2sepa connects with Xero to simplify this conversion process, enabling firms to pay from just a few to a couple hundred invoices at once in an instant. It also enables direct debit requests, allowing firms to execute their mandated payment schedules and get their invoices paid directly through their own banks.

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batch2sepa + Xero

batch2sepa can connect with multiple Xero organisations and immediately enables users to convert batch payments and deposits prepared in Xero.

Once connected, batch2sepa lists all batch payments (AP) and deposits (AR) created in the last 14 days. For AP, users can use the interface to add bank account details to their Xero contacts; once completed, batch2sepa converts the batch to a SEPA XML file ready to be uploaded into the bank. For AR, the process is the same, but the mandate details per contact and the SEPA DD creditor identifier for the administration must be included as well.

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Joris Veraart
5 out of 5 stars
Nice tool to prepare batch payments in a very efficient way.Takes over the bill reference field too, which was lacking in the Xero batch payment functionality.

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