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Connect your Xero account to Peakflo to put your accounts receivable on autopilot, get paid 2x faster, and boost your cash flow by up to 33%.


Why connect Peakflo and Xero?

Improve team productivity

  • Streamline your accounts receivable process: Setup automated workflows that eliminate mundane tasks & trigger customized multi-channel reminders to your customers and stakeholders based on an escalation matrix.
  • Reduce costly errors and send one-click multi-channel reminders: Leverage a centralized workspace with pre-written templates to send scheduled or ad-hoc emails, SMS, whatsapp, calls or physical letters of demand so that customers pay on time.
  • Get full visibility without updating spreadsheets: Leverage the dashboard, detailed out-of-the-box reports and customer timelines to stay up to date on all your AR and have full transparency on ageing balance, financial KPIs and the course of action for each customer.

Shorten payment times and lower bad debt

  • Track and resolve disputes quickly: Peakflo’s efficient dispute resolution process allows for high visibility and timely resolution which ultimately helps shorten payment times.
  • Implement strong credit control: Leverage credit control report to understand historical payment behaviour of your customers. Setup custom credit limits to receive reminders when it’s time to freeze customer accounts.
  • Measure effectiveness of your AR: Stay on top of key cashflow metrics such as your DSO, ageing balance distribution, main debtors, outstanding and overdue amounts and easily monitor changes.

Give an all-in-one portal to your customers

  • Allow your customers to view their summary of accounts at any time: Unique accounts payable portal for each of your customer allows them to view their invoices, ask questions, raise disputes and conveniently pay any outstanding amount.
  • Allow your customers to pay using local payment methods: Allow your customers to choose from local bank, eWallet, card or even OTC payment methods without the hassle of building or maintaining any payment integrations
  • Save hundreds of man hours wasted in payment reconciliation: A two integration with your accounting software ensures that any payment initiated via your customer’s accounts payable portal need not be reconciled manually by your finance team.
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Peakflo + Xero

Peakflo connects and syncs with the data in your Xero account in just a few minutes. We securely import the following data from Xero automatically: your company information, customers, invoices, credit notes, payments, overpayments, chart of accounts, currencies, taxes.

Your Peakflo account syncs with Xero automatically: every 15 minutes (for payments, credit notes) and in real-time (for customers and invoices) before any payment reminder is sent to ensure you're always working with the most up-to-date information.

Keep both systems up to date, automatically: the two-way integration between Xero and Peakflo means updates made in Peakflo are reflected in your Xero account, too.

You can also map which accounts in Xero should be debited/credited when you receive invoice payments via Peakflo. You can also easily track all payments collected and processing fees inside Xero.

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Additional info

Shared data

Accountsshared from Xero to Peakflo
Overpaymentsshared from Xero to Peakflo
Prepaymentsshared from Xero to Peakflo
Paymentsshared from Xero to Peakflo and from Peakflo to Xero
Itemsshared from Xero to Peakflo
Invoicesshared from Xero to Peakflo
Currenciesshared from Xero to Peakflo
Credit Notesshared from Xero to Peakflo
Contactsshared from Xero to Peakflo
Bank Transactionsshared from Xero to Peakflo

App details

Added in 2021


Australia, Global, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore


English, Indonesian, Malay


Setup walkthroughContact supportsupport@peakflo.co


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