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By GoCardless
3.81 out of 5 stars
End late payments. Automatically debit your customer’s bank account whenever your Xero invoices are due. Lower-cost alternative to card payments.


Collecting regular payments like invoices and subscriptions can be painful - but it doesn’t need to be. GoCardless is made for recurring payments and puts you in control of when you get paid. Join over 60,000 businesses worldwide and say goodbye to chasing late payments, hidden costs and manual admin.

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GoCardless + Xero

Get paid faster with GoCardless for Xero

  • End late payments Take control when you get paid and cut out the stress of chasing unpaid bills.

  • Predictable cash flow Payments are collected automatically as soon as your invoices are due.

  • Less bookkeeping Payments are automatically reconciled against your Xero invoices, saving you hours on admin.

  • Transparent fees Low, pay-per-transaction fee. Avoid the markups and hidden fees of card networks. Low cost cap on domestic payment fees.

  • International payments Collect payments in international currency, receive payout in your home currency with no mark-up on foreign exchange. See the pricing page for details.

Who is it for?

GoCardless is made for businesses that bill their customers on a recurring basis. It’s ideal for collecting payment for both intermittent and repeating invoices as well as subscriptions, retainers and instalments.

How does GoCardless work?

GoCardless is a bank-to-bank payment method. It uses Direct Debit, ACH and PAD to automatically collect payments directly from your customer’s bank account.

Your customers only need to enter their payments details once, and that’s it. You’re authorised to collect all future payments without further action from your customer.

The amount you charge and when you charge can be fixed or flexible. In fact, it’s linked to the amount and due date on the Xero invoice you’ve sent your customer. Payments happen frictionlessly in the background.

How does it work with Xero?

Simple setup You can create an account from this page or directly within Xero. Once connected to Xero, it’s simple and secure to set your customers up to pay via GoCardless. Then, just send out your invoices and GoCardless can automatically collect payment when they are due.

One-click reconciliation Once invoice payment has been collected via GoCardless, the invoice is marked as ‘paid’ and an expense transaction is added for the GoCardless fee. Reconciling your payment can then be done with a single click!

Reviews & ratings

3.8 out of 5 stars
149 Reviews
5 star(61%)
4 star(10%)
3 star(2%)
2 star(3%)
1 star(24%)

Most recent reviews

Posted 29 Sep 2023
1 out of 5 stars


Man I wish I had read the reviews before deciding to move forward with GoCardless. Similar to many reviewers on this page, my account was approved, I was given the green light to start accepting payments from my customers and then 2 days later, I am told that I did not pass their audit and am no longer allowed access to my account and my customers aren't able to make payments (this is after 2 of my customers already paid). They then told me I had to reach out to those customers to request they file claims with their banks to get the funds returned only to later find out the payments were never processed in the first place. I had to exchange multiple e-mails with my clients regarding this which makes me look so unprofessional. I'm appalled at their GoCardless' practices and customer service. If they had no intention of allowing me to use their services, they never should have approved me to start accepting payments in the first place. Do not use them.
Michelle Butler
Posted 23 Sep 2023
1 out of 5 stars

They approve my account and then deleted?

Same issues as others. They approved my account, gave me the green light, I setup and sent links to all my 100+ clients!! Just for them to turn around and close my accounts. And no reason given! I have accounts with other merchant and never had issues and the embarrassing email that I had to send to clients to NOT SETUP an account because they didn’t approve my business ?? If you not going to approve don’t send an email saying “ready to collect payments “”
Kajsa Gray
Posted 17 Sep 2023
1 out of 5 stars

Beware of GoCardless! Unethical Practices!

I am utterly disgusted by GoCardless and their blatant disregard for ethical business practices. They collected a $500 payment from one of my customers and then proceeded to shut down my account without any explanation or prior warning. To make matters even worse, they are now refusing to payout the $500 they collected, effectively stealing from me. This level of unprofessionalism and dishonesty is beyond comprehension. As a business owner, I depend on reliable payment processors to operate smoothly and maintain trust with my customers. GoCardless has shattered that trust entirely. Their customer service is equally horrendous. When I attempted to seek an explanation or resolution for this outrageous behaviour, I was met with indifference and unhelpfulness. It's clear that they have no intention of making things right. I strongly advise anyone considering GoCardless as a payment processor to think twice. This company's actions are nothing short of theft, and they should be held accountable for their unethical behavior. I am appalled by the lack of integrity displayed by GoCardless and would give them zero stars if I could. Steer clear of these thieves!
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Response from GoCardless

Thank you for your review, sorry to hear about your experience. We are required to complete a number of different verification checks on merchant accounts as a condition of being an FCA regulated Authorised Payment Institution. As a result, ultimately, a merchant's ability to use GoCardless as a payment processor depends on the successful completion of these checks. I can see that the team reached out to you to help resolve this issue.

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By GoCardless
Added in 2015


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