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Focus on running a smooth operating school with education software apps made to automate time-consuming tasks and sync with your Xero account. Streamline employee management, student registrations and expenses so you can focus on your programming.

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  1. Payments


    4.81 out of 5 stars
    Automate your invoice collection with Direct Debits, eCheck and Credit Card Charges. Use Stripe, SEPA, EziDebit, NetCash, ABA file, NZ banks and more.
  2. Invoicing and jobs, Payments

    ThinkSmart Software Apps

    Invoicing and jobs, Payments
    If teaching is your business, we have the software for you. Whatever the size of your school, we will improve and automate all of those time consuming admin jobs you hate!
  3. Invoicing and jobs, Reporting


    5 out of 5 stars
    Invoicing and jobs, Reporting
    The most comprehensive reporting platform for B2B businesses using Xero. Integrate financial and CRM data with automated SaaS metrics, dashboards, and presentations. Automate revenue recognition. Instantly report across currencies, track multiple budgets, and incorporate Tracking Codes.
  4. CRM, Invoicing and jobs

    Invoice Stack for HubSpot

    5 out of 5 stars
    CRM, Invoicing and jobs
    HubSpot invoices ...done your way. Let Sales teams create Xero invoices from deals with the most powerful invoicing app for HubSpot
  5. CRM, Invoicing and jobs


    CRM, Invoicing and jobs
    Enrolmy is an all-in-one registration and booking platform for activity providers. Our Xero integration streamlines accounting, making it easy to manage finances. Ideal for any activity-based business, Enrolmy simplifies operations with online registration, payment, scheduling, and so much more!
  6. Accountant tools, Reporting


    5 out of 5 stars
    Accountant tools, Reporting
    Get a customisable, consolidated view of all your Xero data inside Excel and Power BI. Build top-down and bottom-up scenarios for budgets and forecasts. Manage non-financial accounts, and create additional reporting hierarchies for your chart and tracking categories.
  7. Custom integration, Reporting


    Custom integration, Reporting
    Skyvia is a no-code cloud data platform for data integration (ETL, ELT, Reverse ETL), data sync, workflow automation, CSV data loading, building complex data pipelines and its orchestration, sharing data via OData or SQL endpoints, etc. It supports all major cloud apps and relational databases.
  8. Accountant tools

    5 out of 5 stars
    Accountant tools
    Countable is a cloud-based, working paper automation and management tool. It helps accounting professionals integrate accounting software, automate engagements, and centralize workflows. Countable's built by CPAs for CPAs, and comes with unlimited support and a no-commitment, 30-day trial.
  9. Accountant tools, Reporting

    MODLR - The Corporate Performance Cloud

    5 out of 5 stars
    Accountant tools, Reporting
    MODLR is financial planning and analysis software that enables agile enterprise-wide collaboration and provides an evolving range of solutions to improve integral business processes. Streamline reporting, forecasting, and more, MODLR's aim is to make financial planning as efficient as possible.
  10. Reporting


    5 out of 5 stars
    IDU-Concept automates and streamlines the manual process of spreadsheet based budgeting, forecasting and reporting.
  11. Payroll HR


    Payroll HR
    Oyster is the global employment platform for people-centric companies to confidently hire, pay, and retain talent across 180+ countries.
  12. Bills and expenses, Invoicing and jobs


    5 out of 5 stars
    Bills and expenses, Invoicing and jobs
    A simple web-based professional service automation solution. Manage your customer's requests, track time and expenses, and monitor your project's profitability.
  13. CRM, Custom integration


    CRM, Custom integration
    A CRM solution packed with premium features for businesses of all sizes. KONDESK flawlessly integrates with XERO to provide you a superior accounting experience.
  14. Ecommerce, Invoicing and jobs


    Ecommerce, Invoicing and jobs
    A comprehensive rental management solution that offers unmatched simplicity to manage end-customers, equipment, orders & invoices, webstores, payments, point of sale (POS) and much more.
  15. Bills and expenses, Inventory


    5 out of 5 stars
    Bills and expenses, Inventory
    Track and manage IT assets and software license SaaS spend with Setyl
  16. Accountant tools, CRM


    5 out of 5 stars
    Accountant tools, CRM
    Verify the identity of Xero/XPM contacts in one click. Biometrically matches a contact's selfie with a government-issued identity document such as Passport or Drivers Licence.
  17. Other, Payroll HR


    5 out of 5 stars
    Other, Payroll HR
    Remote provides a Global HR Platform tailored for businesses seeking to expand their operations internationally. We empower the entire international expansion process, from hiring and management of global teams, to ensuring timely payments and adherence to local labor laws.

What is an education software app?

Education software, also known as training management software or enterprise learning management, are online tools that help manage the internal processes for educational institutions and training businesses.

Education apps bring together all areas of your learning institution – from scheduling, HR and resource management to budgeting and managing your finances with direct syncs between your Xero account – to help vocational business operators run their business confidently.

What are the benefits of an education software app?

  • Better student service: Improve the flow of your learning courses and find areas of improvement to provide a better experience for students. Monitor feedback to easily make adjustments to course structure and milestones. 

  • Save time with automation: Reduce the amount of time spent manually completing tasks with learning management software automation tools. Automatically send email reminders of course dates, confirm registrations, and send out payment due date reminders.

  • Send out invoices: Send out invoices for course payments directly from Xero to students. Get automatic reconciliation upon payment and instantly sync all data between Xero and your education software. 

  • Advanced reporting: Access advanced reporting that helps you understand completion timeframes, enrolment, and profitable areas. Easily access all student data and consolidate metrics for sales and marketing efforts.

What are the typical features I can use with an education software app?

  • Student financing: Set up payment options, curriculum costs, and payment plans for students and clients. Track all changes and send automated reminders when due dates are approaching while integrating with your accounting software.

  • Learning and course management: Comfortably manage a large catalogue of training courses without missing a beat. Create new courses, update existing classes, and implement learning tracts with education software. 

  • Customer progress tracking: Keep up-to-date with your customer progress and be available for support. Find bottlenecks in course progress and send reminders to finish lessons to your customers with learner management and progress tracking. 

  • CRM record integrations: Improve sales and marketing with CRM integrations. Automatically sync your registrations with Xero and get reminders for follow ups and payment due dates.

How education software apps work with Xero

Whether you’re running an online program, school or vocational training, set your teaching up for success and efficiency when you integrate your education app with Xero. 

Working seamlessly together, you can sync important registration, payment and invoice reconciliation between platforms – so you can get back to making a difference. When you connect an education app to Xero you can: 

  • Generate invoices immediately upon registration and reconcile payments straight to your Xero account

  • Set up scheduled payment plans and reflect due incoming payments in Xero’s financial reports

  • Track the most profitable programs, classes or activities by category or specific line-by-line items

Find your fit

Every education apps’ integration with Xero can be different. To learn more, browse through the education and training management apps in this category. Click on an app to find detailed information on how it works and integrates with your Xero account, and ratings and reviews by other Xero users. Want to try an app? You can then get started directly from the app listing page in just a few clicks.

Although Xero reviews each app in the Xero App Store, we can’t give any guarantees. It’s up to you to assess the performance, quality and suitability of any app before going ahead.