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Dext Prepare
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Mason Graves
DEXT prepare is a great app/software. It helps massively with time saving and cuts out all of the manual processing. It links great with Xero and ensures your business is fully automated for MTD.
Daniel Tai

Sales Team does not honor initial agreement

I have been with Dext, or formally known as Reciept Bank from the start. When I first joined, they promised me a fix pricing model for our accounting firm and how we can use it and integrate all our clients on to it. So we have started to migrates 100s of clients over. However, once I have migrated them over, now they have changed their pricing model to charge each client individually, and increased our cost by15 times! I complained, however, they said bad luck, that's the new pricing model. It has loss all my trust for this software. Better of using Hubdock. Even their new sales team told me to use Hubdock, a better pricing option.
Gemma Freeman

Great Add On

We like using Dext Prepare as we can use as accountants and also the client can use to save sending paperwork to the accountants. Using the Supplier rules makes the Xero work easier.
Maria Andreeva

Great app to keep track of receipts

We love this app. We use Dext for most of our clients as a standard. It allows us to save receipts for future reference directly in xero, it prepopulates a lot of information automatically and saves time during the entry. Highly recommend it!
Natalie Crozier

Rip off

Firstly we found the software difficult limited and restricted in its compatibility with other formats. If its not in the right format it will not sync, if its not the right size it wont sync. If its not already set up you cant set up as you go so it wont sync (you have to go and set up a new supplier, etc and then go back and sync across). With all that effort you might as well just enter it in yourself. Secondly we didnt read the fine, fine print and you should know that you will NOT GET A REFUND if you cancel your subscription. As this is a new job Ive just started, I learnt that we apparently were paying our accountant for the service (who helped us set it up) and we also paid for a subscription ourselves. When we cancelled looking for a prorata refund we were told NOPE not happening. DON'T USE THIS PRODUCT. I am very disappointed and dissatisfied. We lost $360 and they clearly dont back themselves by offering a refund if you're not satisfied with the product. SAVE YOURSELF THE HASSLE AND MONEY
Lucy Norris

Speeds up bookkeeping

Easy to use and really speeds up the bookkeeping process so I can focus on extracting important management info
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