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By oNesto
5 out of 5 stars
Your financial fitness tool-kit in one app. Employees can do essential shopping online / in-store and get cash-back of up to 10% on each purchase. Get access to earned wages to make income better match your expenses and learn about financial fitness and money management from our LMS.
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May 2021
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Join the thousands of Australians who build savings, financial fitness and money management skills using Onesto's employee benefits platform. Open an account in minutes with XERO and Onesto.

Onesto’s Employee Rewards and Recognition platform allows employers to distribute awards digitally, removing the need to physically purchase and mail out gift cards. Awards can be created manually, or automated so that birthdays, tenure and celebrations are automatically calculated and awards are distributed.

Shop and enter the exact amount of your shop and get instant cash-back from more than 50 major Australian retailers. Build a savings fund and save up to $1000 per year – or much more if you’re a family.

If you need the money you’ve earned you needn’t wait for payday any longer. Use the earned wage access function to send to your bank account almost instantly (if you have an Osko account) and there are no hidden fees – just a flat charge of $5.

Learn Financial Management and Savings Skills Use the Onesto Learning Library to improve your financial knowledge. Over 100 courses at different skill levels builds your knowledge on savings, budgeting, money management and investment.

Move funds in and out of Onesto at the tap of a button. Send money to friends, to pay bills or to shop and save all at the tap of a button from the app. Or nominate your Onesto account and send funds straight from your bank.

Get on top of your finances Savings from your essential shopping, the flexibility to get paid when you need it, and financial learning will help you get on top of your finances. It’s a great feeling when your in control of your money and Onesto will help you get there.

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oNesto + Xero

The Onesto application has a seamless integration with XERO. Onesto will only ever take employee information from XERO when the employee chooses to sign-up via the sign-up page.

For Onesto to accurately provide accrued but unpaid wages, it must obtain previous pay history. Therefore, Onesto will use its complex algorithm to calculate the employees previous pays and determine an amount available to the employee when the employee chooses to make an advance.

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Attira Hadid
Posted 29 Mar 2022
5 out of 5 stars

Just great.

For a small business owner, providing employee benefits can be a headache. Onesto comes in very handy. It costs virtually nothing to the business, integrates so easily to payroll and my employees LOVE IT!
Dallas Fett
Posted 29 Mar 2022
5 out of 5 stars

So simple and so many benefits

So easy to integrate, so many employee benefits for next to nothing

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By oNesto
Added in 2021

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