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    Leave in your calendar automagically! Visibility of employee leave has never been easier - see employee leave in all your calendars in seconds.

    With Finlert's LeaveCal and Xero, visibility of employee leave has never been easier. Bring your employee leave into your Google Calendar, Outlook & others in seconds. Manage multiple Xero Orgs from a single account.

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    LeaveCal by Finlert + Xero

    Approved leave automagically appears in your calendar, email or slack

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    David Hurst

    Promised so much

    Initial set up was not straight-foward but good customer service back up resolved these. The product appeared just what we were looking for and worked for our XERO Administrators. Rolling the Calendar out to the remainder of our staff continually fell at the first hurdle, calendars not updating for some & not even accessible for others. So we have given it a good go but cancelled our Subscription after 2 weeks.

    Response from LeaveCal by Finlert

    Hi David - As LeaveCal integrates with your existing calendar app, there are sometimes updates to calendars that are out of our control due to local settings. It's unfortunate that LeaveCal didn't work out for you but feel free to reach out if you want to try again.
    Andy McFarlane

    Great Find!

    Having recently started using Xero for leave booking we were struggling with letting people know who was about and who was off and I'd get asked several times a day if a member of staff was available. LeaveCal has fixed that and everyone feels better informed, particularly our support and project teams.
    Jeremy Bell

    Easy to use, with responsive support

    Dead-easy system to setup, and their support team was very responsive and helpful with anything we needed.
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