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Time tracking that'll save you hours of admin time. Track time sheets for client jobs, keep on top of targets & budgets. Invoice the time with Xero in seconds!

Smarter time tracking for professional services, seamless invoicing with Xero.

MinuteDock’s smarter approach to time tracking has you tracking your work throughout the day with a simple “diary-like” approach that fits naturally into the workflow of a busy professional. A powerful hourly rate and categorisation engine has your billing rates, tracking categories and ledger accounts automatically flowing through to invoicing without you having to lift a finger. With reporting, budgets and target tracking, MinuteDock is the simplest & fastest way for you and your team to track time and report on profitability - whether your bill by the hour or charge fixed fees.

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MinuteDock + Xero

MinuteDock handles the time tracking, Xero handles the invoicing.

We sync across your contacts and Xero settings. You can optionally configure automatic hourly rates, Xero tracking categories, ledger accounts and inventory items to make your invoice generation as automated as possible.

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Added in 2010


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