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By Hike
3.8 out of 5 stars
Sell products & services with a powerful, cloud-based POS that works on any PC, Mac or iPad. With inventory, loyalty, gift cards, web store & more.


Hike is a powerful retail management system suitable for 1 to 100+ outlets. It is cloud-based, works on any PC, Mac or iPad device, and also works offline. With features from inventory management to gift cards and loyalty, Hike manages all aspects of your retail business.

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Hike seamlessly integrates with Xero and automatically syncs sales, purchases, customers & supplier profiles, daily sales & payment summaries, inventory movement and even on account sales.

Backed by Hike’s 24/7 support, the integration is available for FREE to all Hike & Xero users.

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3.8 out of 5 stars
5 Reviews
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jeanette cleary
1 out of 5 stars
I agree with Dennis. I have had months of problems with Hike. Not being able to connect to Xero is the big one, or some sales connecting and others not. I have lost a year accounting data and unable to generate useful reports. I've had one issue after another. Part payment sales came in as double amounts and had to be fixed on PC to correct balance on ipad (even though they showed correct on I-pad). Sales were getting dumped in as one sale but custom generated sales didn't connect. It was a rare day that it balanced. My bookkeeper ended reconciling off merchant summaries for over 6 months while they tried to find the problem. In the end the outcome was wait for Hike 3, The new version requires accounting codes for each category, (something my bookkeeper told me not them), which resulted in me individually adding information to 2000 products, errr. Now on version 3, I'm not connecting to Xero again and been told each sale needs a customer name and a unique company name (for a retail sale??) This will be a new frustration as that information is on separate page and I cant just copy the information. The staff while extremely friendly don't seem to know where the issues stem and are fixing them on the fly. I really had the sense they are developing the app as businesses are using it. (not ideal). As with Dennis I'm persisting through fear of implementing a new system, but wish I got out months ago. Positives: the staff are keen to continue with developing the app, just feel they should have run is as a test for a few more years before going public. Its easy to install and looks good. It does function well in day to day use but not at all where its supposed to at the back end.
Steve Kovacs
5 out of 5 stars
the Hike staff are friendly and extremely helpful. They know there stuff and have helped me more with xero then xero has! if i have had issues there straight onto the problem and fix it straight away. 10/10
Ronny Maher
5 out of 5 stars
I have found Hike & Xero work pretty well together, reconciling sales & payments directly into Xero is pretty seamless which of course makes it easier and faster to work in Xero which is a big tick from me. Making the decision to migrate our POS system to Hike was one of the best business decisions we have made. Our staff have expressed how much easier it is to use Hike compared to our last system and their help staff is pretty good.

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By Hike
Added in 2016


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